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How Long to Go from 11 to 9 Percent BF?

How long did it take you to do that? Surely if you have lost 45lbs you know how and roughly how long it will take to drop a few more pounds.

Getting down to 9% body fat is a weird way to gain muscle. If you seriously are at 11% and you are struggling to lose more weight, you are at a prime state to start the lean bulk.

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I’m struggling to see why starting a lean bulk at 9% is going to work better than starting at 11%. It’s completely pointless as you will be back to 11% again within weeks of a slight surplus, straight back to where you were before you have even gained a nats knacker of muscle.

I really don’t understand why people get so hung up on percentages.


Cause I gain fat very very very very easy,stupid metabolism

That only makes getting to 9% much more pointless. You will just rebound straight back up after stopping your deficit. Below a certain body fat it’s not maintainable (unless your a genetic freak) and certainly not maintainable whilst trying to add muscle gain strength.

If your a genuine 11% then now’s a good a time as ever to start gaining muscle.

Also has a boxing coach actually told you that you need to gain muscle?

I legitimately don’t get this thread on any level.

Where has 9% come from?
Why are you trying to lose weight on a bulk?
If you know how much weight you have to lose to hit these random numbers, and you know how quickly you can lose it, can you not do the basic maths and work it out?
If you’ve already lost a sizeable amount of weight, why do you not already have a handle on any of the above information?
If you have an idea of how long it “should” take you, how will that affect the methods you use to achieve it?


That I didn’t know,thanks

Because going from 15 to 13 is not the same as from 11 to 9 and I have never been single digit bf

All of them all the time,one even said do neck workout like u do chest workout

You have time to:
Make a post asking how to calculate your body fat percentage
Correct people who calculate it for you, meaning you didn’t have to make this post
Continually reply to said post

But not post a picture of yourself?


Wouldn’t this be an absolute boon for putting on muscle, because it means you need to eat very little food?

All of them? How many coaches do you have? Why are you still trying to cut if they tell you to gain muscle? And most importantly; if you have coaches that you trust and specialise in the sport you’re training for, why are you asking the opinion of random people online?


Is this for pro boxing/high level amateur like Golden gloves?

This is like the 4th fairly similar thread you have started in the past year. Actually try following a program off this site, they work. Look up 5/3/1 for athletes and/or anything by Dan John

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U ve clearly never been to boxing gym?

Okay thanks

I have. He asked you a lot of questions in that response and this reply doesn’t get at most of them.

Nope. Which of my questions does that answer?

I believe that’s called skirting around the question on his part.

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Gosh this thread is funny lol

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I find it funny because considering how conditioning heavy boxing is… the Op going to have a time maintaining weight.

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If op can dodge fists like he dodged questions, he’s probably a decent boxer.