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How Long to Go from 11 to 9 Percent BF?

So im 150lbs 11% bf want to get to 8-9% bf and the calculator says I should only drop 1lbs of pure fat wtf??Any opinions??

1lb of pure fat is a lot when you are only 150lbs.


How long it would take me to get to 8-9%?

What will you do with that information?

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…honestly, how can you expect someone to just tell you an answer to this? Even if we had your training schedule, diet, and pictures, not even a reputable coach could just give you an exact timeframe for dropping some weight.

Not everyone can just get to single digit BF though. We don’t have enough info here. Are you preparing for a show?


It could take 1 week to drop 1lb it could take 1 year to drop 1lb. How long would you like it to take?

2 percent of 150 is 3 so you’re going to have to lose 3 lbs. Of fat.

That should only take about 3 hours at 1 lbs. per hour.


Nothing just curious

You’re going about it backwards then. Get to 8-9% bodyfat and then report back how long it took.


Want to start very lean bulk to gain muscle for boxing

As long as its necessary for me to get to my.goal

Ur calculating from the whole weight,we are talking bout dropping 2% fat not 1% fat 1% muscle

If I make it gonna post some pics after before…Started from like 195lbs 30% bf

If you make it, the pictures of you with one less pound of fat aren’t going to look different than you do now, so why not post where you’re at now? Perhaps you are 11%, but most people who come on here claiming to be are not.


My bad. I redid it using 16.5 lbs of fat for 11percent of 150 lbs, so 1.30 lbs for a 2% loss and 1.95 lbs. for a 3% loss.

So even quicker.

Does performance matter at all or is it just a matter of hitting a target number?

What method did you use to measure your bf%

Kept my strength same throughout this cut,so both of them matters


Havent got time,will try to post them soon…

In that case, you should be telling us about this stuff, not asking.

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