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How Long to Give a New Exercise?

If you try out a new exercise and it feels like slight pain-(joint/connective not just exercise fatigue) how many sessions would you give it before you eliminate that exercise?

I haven’t been pressing for a long time due to shoulder issues and I tried Swiss bar OH and floor press today. Neither are obviously damaging but both also do feel slightly aggravated in the shoulder. Just don’t want to make the shoulders worse

I stopped barbell benching and overhead pressing for years because of the shoulder discomfort they caused. In their place, I started using dumbbells, because dumbbells allow a comfortable range of motion for both presses.

I would try one more session of just one press with the Swiss bar and see how it feels. The next upper body workout, I’d try the other press and compare. It might be that one type of press feels ok but not the other. If either still irritates your shoulders, I’d drop it in favor of dumbbells.

Sometimes a move hurts my joints, like pressing “hurts” my shoulders. Pain during the lift, for hours after the workout and for the next day or two. This is “bad” and I might take the lift out.

Other times a move “Trains” my joints. There is some discomfort during the lift, but no sharp pain. Then the discomfort fades over the evening, and is totally gone the next morning. This is “good” and I might keep the move in.

It’s also possible that the lift is OK, but I mess up the first time I do too much volume. Like I did 5 sets of 20 front delt raises and it didn’t hurt while I was in the gym, but then my shoulders were fucked up for a week and a half. The next time I was more cautious did 3 x 12, and had no problems.

The lifts can also be OK, but you just do too many lifts. Like overhead pressing and floor pressing are both “Big,” “Compound” lifts. Maybe if you only did 1 “big” lift your shoulders would be OK. But doing the 2nd big lift smashes them.