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How Long to Get Test into Body Using SubQ vs IM?

I use to get really bad headaches when for about 3 to 4 days after I excersied. Since I have been on TRT my headaches have been virtually gone. I just changed to sub q injections and I will be damned but my headaches are back. Do sub q injections take longer to get into your blood stream? My body is very sensitive to charges in test levels and I did my injection yesterday. Today I feel like shit (well like I felt before trt). I do .4 on Sunday and .4 on Wed. Wondering if I should stick with sub q or just go back to IM injections? Also have had a hell of a time with sore nipples. That was one of the other reasons I wanted to try sub q. I am sure for most people they would not notice the change in blood levels so quickly, however for me it is really important to keeep them constant or as close as possible.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Judging from the literature provided below, it seems that serum concentration reaches the same levels as IM, and peak levels are attained by day 2. I’m struggling to find serum concentration graphs for IM right now, however, but from what I’m reading is that they’re roughly the same. That’s sort of the point to the following research. This was based on a study of weekly subq injections with 5/8" needle at 50mg and 100mg.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe the larger benefit is that you can do more frequent injections with less pain, scarring, bruising, etc. The frequency is the key point here, I think. That’s what keeps your serum concentration stable.

If you’re comparing how you felt on IM, how often did you do those, and at what dosage?

I didn’t the same dosages and days with IM injections. .4 2x per wk Wed and Sunday. I think the time it must take IM injections to get into system must be quite a bit quicker. I am feeling a bit better today. That would make sense as it has been 48hrs since injection. Thank you for your help.

The studies I’m seeing show that the peak happens at roughly the same time with SC and IM. I’m wondering if the peak is slightly lower with SC and metabolizes slightly slower. If SC injection keeps your serum concentration from peaking too high and metabolizing too fast it would keep your serum concentration more stable and at a much more even level. If what you’re feeling is the peaks from IM, you may or may not be “feeling” the troughs, but your body would benefit from the stable levels of SC. When were your latest bloods taken? Would you mind posting those? You may want to evaluate your current levels if you haven’t lately.

I think the preferred method of SC is every other day. You may want to give that a try to keep those levels more stable. If you look at the graphs in the link you’ll see that every injection builds upon itself up to the dosage you’re getting. So if you do SC 2x a week, you may be getting more trough without the peaks you’re used to from IM. If you inject SC every other day, the level never has the chance to trough and will continue to build your serum concentration up to the cap of your dosage and will stay relatively stable.

I have not had my blood drawn in 5 wks. Not since I started. Any idea what the normal time frame is to get blood work done? Damn this is complicated.

You have 3 topics which seem to be recently active. Addressing some of your points requires info from context of prior posts and those will not be touched here.

There is recent news re “cluster headaches” that high dose Vit-D3 can be helpful.

Well I figured out why my headaches are back. Looked at my test cyp bottle yesterday and realized I have a huge clump of Chrystal at the bottom. I usually do not pay any attention to it but the bottle looked low. Upon further inspection there was a massive Chrystal in the bottom. I warmed it up and it melted down, but is that now much more powerful, since I have done at least 2 .2ml injections with the product in this state?

Not necessarily, but maybe. I don’t think there’s any studies out there on this one, and any evidence would be anecdotal. If you have bloods before and after… then I guess the proof is in the pudding. If blood was pudding, anyway.

Just thinking logically - Crystallization is the formation of the hormone as it leaves the ester in an undissolved state. It would then mean there was less hormone per ml of liquid. How much, I cannot be sure.

Is this T from pharmacy or underground lab?
Most?many bottles are not clear and one might not notice that.

T should never be stored in the cold, always room temperature.

I do not see a good reason to tie this to your headaches. If you are not fixed, try the Vit-D3 10,000iu per day.

Mine is clear. Sun Pharma. But you’re right though, there’s a lot of unknowns in this thread.

Interesting info about vitamin D and cluster headaches. I’ve had 2 headaches this week. Both sides of head hurt but mainly the left side and definitely by my eye and also with nasal congestion. I’ve been a little sick with phlegm when i cough and figured the headache was from allergies or a tension headache from my workouts. Or possibly from dehydration or going 6-7 hours between meals when usually I eat every 4 hours. I also cut out daily morning energy drink cold turkey so I thought maybe it was caffeine withdrawals lol. Many possibilities but I can I can add vitamin D to the list.

So there was apparently one study done that either linked low test to headaches or increasing test to helping headaches. What I know is that for at least 7 years now anytime I worked out with any intensity at all my head aches would be terrible for 3 to 5 days. Even somewthing as simple as lifting a suitcase. I had tried every migraine Med imaginable. I had Ct scans MRI’s you name it. They just called it exertion headaches. I finally went to a trt place and they did my labs. They put me on trt and within 24 hrs of my first injection my headaches went away. I can actually tell if test is getting low
As when that happens my headaches will come back after I exercise. My dad is actually a physician and was able to find one publication linking headaches to low testosterone. In my case whether or not there is scientific evidence is not all that important. I am 100% sure that the test or some side affect of the test is making my headaches better. After a 7 yr break i am back at the gym virtually headache free.