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How Long to Get Ripped?


I'm 6"3 tall, I weigh about 205 pounds... 15 Years old.

I've never exercised in a gym, but I've been with friends like once or twice.

I have a wide body "frame" if that's what you call it. Wide shoulders, wide hips.

I'm naturally strong, I guess. Atleast that's what I've heard.

I do have a bit too much body fat around my hips especially, but in general all over my body.

I benchpress 220lbs, I deadlift 400lbs, and leg press 805lbs, biceps curl 60lbs. This is what I've tried the few times I've been at the gym.

I am willing to do anything to get ripped asap...

So could anyone tell me what's needed, and what I should do.


1) read the stickies. all of them.
2) go through the threads dedicated to members who have achieved great results. so far I have found dieting information in the following threads: MODOK, Synergy, Akuma. currently reading C_C and sloh threads but I can't remember anything specific as per leaning out.
3) post vid of 400 pull. I call bs otherwise.
4) your biceps curl is weak. work on that.
5) post pics so we can see if you're really fat or if you need to put on more muscle to fill out your frame.

time frame to "get ripped" depends entirely on how much work you want to put in. personally at 16 weeks I was ready to eat the next living thing to walk across my path, and I would've sold my mother into slavery for a cookie, so for me 16 weeks of a hard cut is my limit.


Woah,that is pretty intense... But it clearly paid off for you, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


I only did it because I was going to Dominican Republic for a week, I wanted to "get ripped" for the first time in my life and I wanted to discover my limits on a diet.

from a long-term development standpoint, I almost wish I had gone from 5/3/1 to what I am doing now. I likely lost a significant amount of muscle on the cut. however, I did reveal to myself where I needed improvement, and I learned much from the diet process.


I've noticed alot of people around here lately acting like a 400 pull is some crazy ass feat...why?


@ 15yrs and never trained, and cause 400pounds is 181kg, I call total bullshit as well.

Post a vid to prove it, or definitely bullshit


because he said he's been to the gym once or twice and never trained formally before. i wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise.

it's not so much the 400 number that's crazy. i know that with a belt on and a few months of heavy pulling i'd be closer to 400 myself. it's just people who say they've never deadlifted before, or don't deadlift regularly, are unsure of their technique or mention other red flags that make me call bs.