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How long to get ripped??

Hey guys,
How long does it take most of you to get ripped? How long should it take for an athlete to go from 20% to 10% BF??

For the average 200 lb guy who is at 20% bodyfat, he has 20 lbs of fat to lose to reach a level of 10%. I would say the best-case scenario, under natural conditions, would be to lose about 1 lb of fat per week. So, it would take 20 weeks.

1 day on planet Fantasia! Everyone is different bro…

9 days

well, this an awfully vague question…I guess it dependes on what the athlet is willing to do. I can get down to 8 % in 2 weeks, but i will lose some muscle, in fact last time i did thisi lost 4 pounds in a couple of days, and in two weeks time i had lost a lot of hard hearned muscle, luckly i now better now (no more low everything diets for me!!!)… anyway i cant get above 12& no matter how hard i try.
So to answer your first question as the second cant really be answered i think i can get ripped (like 8% or less)in one month without losing to much muscle.

Depends on how much that athlete weighs. If he’s 150, it should be a snap (although he’ll wind up pretty scrawny). If he’s 300, it will take longer.

sorry i actually meant 22 lbs of fat to lose, so ~22 weeks, but like the other guys said, everyone is different

10% isn’t ripped, thats just lean.

I actually did this I went from 20% to about 13% then got bored with results and stayed there for a while then finally got the determination and now am at about 7-8% (finnally visable abs) but don’t get pissed off when you slow down it takes a damn long time naturally and a moderate time on drugs also depending on how big you are

Average results for fat loss groups with no muscle loss=2-6% average BF loss in the first month(varying adherance to the plan of course). Those who are strict and lose the 6% get about 2/3 of the first months results in the second month. So 20% to 10% in 2 months is completly possible(if you have the willpower to handle it)

I am cutting right now. I started at 191 16.6% and aim for 8% which off the top of my head is 18 pounds of fat that I need to lose, I think its 18 I have the exact number written in my log book. I am trying to do this in 4 weeks, i am on the fat fast and doing meltdown training, taking the old T2, M7, yohimbe, and vitex. I’m gonna add a thermo ASAP but MD6 is banned in England now according to cyberflex so I have to pick another, and I’m open to suggestions… Jimmy

The more time you allow yourself to achieve a goal such as this the better your chances are of making it happen with little or no muscle loss and if you’re really good maybe even a little muscle gain. 20-30 weeks is a good range.

I’m not sure I believe it would take 22 weeks, if your diet is where it needs to be and you know how to train properly. Seeing that you’re asking this question though I’m guessing you’re not overly experienced in this area, with all due respect. In my experience, 2 to 3 percentage point drops per month (at least initially) are realistic, but again everything has to be dialed in. Then again, if someone has never trained before and gets on a strict program you can see some more dramatic changes. I trained a guy I work with about a year ago, putting him on German Body Comp and a strict diet and he went from 23 to 16 percent in about six weeks. The more dramatic of a lifestyle change you make (from unhealthy to healthy), the faster you will likely progress. Good luck!

I should also point out that the guy who went from 23 to 16 percent in that short amt. of time was not taking any thermogenics either as he had a medical condition that prohibited them.

the last Appetite for Construction said that overfat people can lose “an average of 4 pounds” each week. so i’m guessing that 20% could be considered overfat. so if ya know how many pounds you’d like to lose, then all ya need to do is divide that by 4 to get the Estimated time frame in weeks.

It took me a total of 18 weeks to get from 20% to 6%, but I ended up losing about 5 pound of lean tissue as well

If you try to lose much more than 1 lb of fat per week, you will likely end up losing muscle. Too many people want to get shredded quickly, that’s why they end up looking like Hanes Jr. underwear models.

British Lifter,

How did you do that? What variables did you use? Steroids, Prohormones, ECA, etc.
How many calories? BW x ?

General question for those who are dieting: Has anyone practiced leptin refeeding during their dieting phase to maintain progress?

1 month, 2weeks, 4 days, 7 hours, 32 min and 12 sec.

The use of Mag10 or Androsol can help preserve lean muscle while dieting strictly. Try reading the Fat Fast article or Steroid Dieting.