How Long to Get Labs Back into Normal Range?

I’m on TRT, prescribed 100mg per week of Test C plus HCG.
Recently I’ve been pushing 400mg of Test C, my normal HCG dose, and added 200mg of Deca.
My doc wants labs done in near future and my question is- how long will it take for my blood levels to get back to normal where Doc won’t raise an eyebrow? Should I immediately go back to taking my normal prescribed dose? Any info appreciated. Thanks

Test C has a half life of around a week. 400 mg with a week off is like being on 200, a week after that, like 100. I would want to do a few weeks off on the actual protocol, as individual differences can make this pretty rough science. I would want to be off the Deca for a month if they are measuring much other than TT, FT and E2. Depending on the type of blood test they do, Deca can show up as other things.

Thanks for info. Much appreciated

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From lab order form he sent it looks like the labs test is for everything.
CBC, CMP, DHEA, Estradiol, FSH and LH, IGF-I LC/MS, lipid panel, psa total, and Test, free (Dialysis) & total MS.
With all that you think a month is still good to get back to normal ?

Deca has a long half life. I am not sure how much impact to lipids you will have, but maybe being off that 6 weeks would be a good idea.

I would say if you plan on blasting while under guidance of a doctor, consider using short esters. Using your TRT dose of Test C with additional Test prop, and you could test in two weeks after stopping the prop. NPP is the same hormone as Deca, but it is fast acting and fast clearing. For next time.

Like was already said, 3-5 weeks, however Deca shows up as TT (at least sometimes, I think) so that may also skew your results

Can someone explain this to me?
Are doctors in US like a necessary thing and you HAVE to show them bloodwork and it HAS to be good?
I have seen grown men stressing about their test levels for doctors and i dont get it. My doctor wants to see my bloodwork for like 6 years and i just dont give her any and mostly because i just dont care enough to email my regular bloods to them. She also has like 2000 other patients so its not like she gives a shit for longer than those 5minutes i visit her once a year.

Her assistant used to bombard me for not showing up for checkups until i just got angry and said that all i need are my regular prescriptions, so just do your job and fuck off with all the other bullshit. Now i always get my prescriptions and not a word extra.

For clinics, usually. The legit ones want to see that you’re not abusing the Rx and check labs a couple times per year, or more starting out. These guys are worried about getting dropped from their clinic most likely. But there are like thousands to chose from lol, so even if they did it’s not like you couldn’T just go to the next one


Been off Deca and back on my 100mg of Test C per week for 42 days now. Probably gonna wait 2 more weeks to make it 8 solid weeks before labs. They gotta be good then


We talked about a month ago about my labs getting back to normal from doing Deca plus extra Test while on TRT. I was on Test/Deca blast for a while and will have my labs done after 62 days (basically 9 weeks) off Deca and just doing my normal TRT protocol. You think my labs will be good to go??

I think they will be good. The deca has had a lot of time to clear.

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