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How Long To Get Fully Dialed In After Dose Change?

I know many say 6 weeks, but for me its more… 2-3 months. How long does it take you to get fully adjusted to a protocol change?

Takes me 3 weeks to notice something is different, then another month maybe to feel like I’m back to normal

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I notice massive improvements at exactly 6 weeks, but 8 weeks is when feel the best.

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I notice very quickly however the sexual function such as good erections and sustained erections and not premature ejacing takes more like 3-4 months. It always works out but seems to take a lot longer to recover than my mood and fatigue does. I am usually totally useless and numb sexually for a long while and then it starts to snap right back into place.

Did you go back to hcg? I read you bump into 175mg a week @dialintrt

I sure did. I am back to feeling good again. My erections and sex life returns more all the time. My mind came been back almost instantly. 1-2 months and I will be having nonstop thoughts of ravishingly my wife day and night. It’s already begun as I feel the desire grow each week more and more and my endurance and recovery accelerate again. I am almost back to easily great sex every day at this point. That shit works for me.

I feel an immediate difference when I lower it but an increase takes 4 weeks to feel.

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Interesting. Id imagine lowering takes a while too. considering the E2 needs to drop

I am in the process of lowering mine hoping it improve libido. My theory is that ED injections makes TRT way stronger relative to dosage, this ultimately can cause one to over shoot their sweet spot. After switching my dosage at ED, I began to have anxiety, waves of depression, loss of confidence, and night sweats.

I believe this is related to high E2 levels and waited 8 weeks on the protocol to never feel better. I couldn’t imagine waiting any longer would yield any difference in feeling nor would I be willing to stuck it out any longer.

At this point the only logical step I see is to head in the other direction. I believe doing so will help me find the sweet spot again. So, yes, TRT is complex in that dosing and frequency both play a factor in getting dialed in (at least in my experience).

Have you gotten bloodwork on your higher dose? What does your E2, Total, and free testosterone look like?

I have been on TRT for around two years.

My doc started me on 100 mg Test C, once a week. After that, we added HCG (excellent effects). I played around with frequency of injection and Test/HCG dosing ratio for a year and a few months, with changes around every 2.5 months (always had blood work done after the 2.5 months, before the change, and kept a log of changes, resulting blood work, and how I felt).

Added tadalafil, 5 mg a day. Around 6 months ago, after I seemed dialed in, I stopped making changes. I am injecting100 mg TC and 600 units HCG a week, in three divided doses, plus the 5 mg tadalafil daily.

I have noticed continued, gradual improvement since I stopped the changes.

For me at least, the clinical results of changes may not show up for months.

Speculation: blood levels of T may stabilize in 6 weeks after a change in dosing or injection schedule, but once stable, the impact of that “changed but now stable T level” on other hormones takes a while. Then the effect of the changes in THOSE hormones takes a while to show up in life. So, I may not feel the full results of a change for many months (but, this may reflect the report that TRT-generated improvement occurs over a long period of time, in any event).

Anyone have similar experience or want to share some thoughs?

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Don’t wanna hijack… just a quick question, maybe you can tell me your TT and FT on 100mg once per week of T only, before u started hcg? No ai? E2 problems?

Never did once per week injections. started 50 mg every .5 days which had me at 1300 ng/dl total and 25 pg/ml free test (sightly above ref range).

Then I went to 30 mg eod. My bloodwork was about the same, but my E2 went up 20 points (from 40 pg/ML to 60 pg/ML) which actually made me feel better and improved my libido.

now im on 20 mg EOD and will get bloodwork in 5 weeks

Damn, I’m sorry man somehow I managed to reply the wrong person…

I wanted to ask @darbh

But thanks for the info anyway :wink:

Sure: tt 803, FT 19, E 72. No ai. No E problems.