How Long to Gain 20 lbs of Muscle

right now i weigh 158 lbs. I’m 5 foot 10 but im 17. skinny yes. but young. But im not 158 lbs wet. I am 10% bf. I just want to be bigger for sports. I want to be around 190 lbs. If I gain 20 lbs of muscle with an additional 12 lbs of fat, i will only go up to 12% Bf which is acceptabe for an athlete. please just help. I’ve been reviewing alot of gainers but i just wanted to know if they really worked and how much i will gain from them.

Gainers? powders?

real food + hard frequent training + rest will get you that 20lbs of muscle.

Eat more quality food, and I really wouldn’t worry about weight gainers. Generally you want to aim for around 1 lb of weight gain a week. Much more would mean you are probably gaining more fat then you would really want.

Eat moar food and train harder.

On a side note, what sport do you play? Unless it’s a weight class sport no ones gonna give a shit what BF% you are as long as you can perform well.