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How Long to Fully Recover from Pec Strain?

About 6 months ago I’ve had a pec strain during the last set of flat bench press.
Basically on the way up I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder/armpit area. Went to the doc, he checked me said it doesnt look like a tear and to come back if it doesnt improve after a week. Next few days I had some bruising in my biceps.

Anyway long story short, I did physical therapy, regained full range of motion in my shoulder and chest after about 4 weeks. And recovered pretty well. Since then I started getting back to benching really slowly starting from benching just the bar to currently benching about 120lbs (used to be benching 220).
Its been about 6-7 months now, there is no pain, however the area still feels weird/tight/uncomfortable when I bench, I feel it really well when doing db flies and it also feels pretty tight when I do pullups (the armpit/biceps area).
To anyone with similar injury, how long did it take you until the weirdness/tightness went completely away? I do stretches after every workout and do mobility before as a warmup.

I dont really care about bench pressing anymore, but I would really like to not feel that tightness when doing pullups as I would like to get back to rock climbing and feel that at the moment I wouldn’t be able to do some movements with confidence due to this tightness.