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How Long to Feel Test Cyp?

hey I just started my first test cyp cycle 2 1/2 weeks ago and I was wondering if it was normal for your piss to smell bad like an hour after the injection? also I am running tribol 60 with it for the first few weeks to get a nice jump start, already gained 5lbs in the first 2 weeks of it.

Wondering how long it will take for the cyp to kick in and to auctally feel strength gains? Taking liver support/ good diet /blood work the whole 9 yards. thanks guys

Without a frontload, 4-5 weeks. You’ll get the oily skin and libido spike sooner than that though.

first week, placebo effect only lol
second week, oily skin, libido
third week, increased endurance, leaner
fourth week, increased strength
fifth week, full effect, getting bloated (significant estrogen build up/ conversion)

thanks guys. ever heard of or experinced the weird smelling piss? is that normal?

Yes, have noticed difference in the smell of urine. Also, whether it is real or psychosomatic, when frontloading test cyp have noticed it kick in around the 10th day.

Not an hour after injection though… What else are you putting/not putting into your body? Coffee/caffeine will alter your pissmell. Being dehydrated…

Why dont you go ahead and give us some basics; you could just give us the drugs and dosages… Or you could give us the full meal deal: height, weight, training experience, lifts, goals…