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How Long to 'Feel' Effects from Test?

This is about my old man. He is 58 and on trt. He sources his own stuff.
He is taking 100mg/wk test-c e3d. He has told me he can feel a rising aggression level which peaks 24h after injection, and I’ve noticed a radical personality difference during this period.

Sexual function has greatly improved, and appears to have fixed long standing, in some cases decades long, dysfunction. He tells me he hasn’t ‘worked’ as well since he was 20.

Pre trt labs showed a 12.9 [8.4-28.8], we suspect has has been low for years, due to long standing issues with sex fxn, depression, lack of initiative.

He has acquired a bottle of test-e, and has noticed nothing after the injection besides, for the first time,some minor bruising, inflammation at the injection site.

Is this lack of response atypical? We are trying to determine if he should try a second larger dose, wait it out, or go back to the cypionate.

I’m sure some much more knowledgeable folks will chime in but here are my thoughts for what it’s worth.

Is he using an ai and hcg? I’m thinking the aggression is from elevated e2. I do believe 100mg e3d is above therapeutic levels for trt.

As for the ester, my understanding is that they are just about identical. Just a different oil for delivery. Possible light allergy to one of the oils perhaps?

Sounds like a bogus bottle of Test ethanate.

Taste and smell a drop of each.

You both need to read the stickies here:

  • protocol for injections
  • advice for new guys
  • most here have a reason to read the thyroid basics sticky

He needs lab work:
E2 !!!

Should have had a DRE first and should repeat at 6 months then once a year

blood pressure changed?