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How Long to Feel Effects from Dostinex (Cabergoline)?

So… my blood work showed high prolactin and the endo put me on dostinex (cabergoline) 0.25 x 2 times a week. So far ive taken 2 doses so not a full week yet… how much till I start to feel the effect generally? Should i expect some mass gains or performance gain from it?
Theoretically it should lower prolactin and increase test as a consequence so idk what to really expect.
Ps. All time natural powerbuilding

Is there an underlying cause of the high prolactin? do you by chance have or are suspected of having a prolactinoma. What was your test level prior to taking caber. If your test was ridiculously low then you may see some gains in muscle mass, however the difference may take a while to notice (also depends on what level your natty T climbs to)

@hxc88 it really depends. Did you have high estrogen levels as well? You can present with high prolactin and low estrogen depending on the cause. What you will see is an increase in dopamine and that will feel good regardless. Have you had a pituitary MRI?

Heres my blood work… also got mri for prolactinoma but found nothing, so the endo says my system may produce more prolactin than it should as theres no real explanation

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