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How Long to Drop Estradiol 60 Points

There is a ton of content on that channel that can get you educated on the subject. We interview doctors on a regular basis as well as other medical professionals. Evidence based only. There is a Facebook group with the same name (TRT and Hormone Optimization) where people make posts (as you would here).

From your labs I’d absolutely ditch the HCG. What is your height/weight and approximate bodyfat percentage?

My height is 5’ 9” 180 I’m 64 years of age. Until the past 6 months worked out 30 min cardo, and 30 weight train 4 days on, 1 day Off or may be 2 days. I hurt my knee so a little out of shape. I don’t know my body fat, but my jeans are 33 waist and I’m general firm. Based on the few things I’ve seen on the video, and you’re in put I’m going to drop the Testosterone cream and go back to my 50MG E3D T Cyp injection. But….I would like to keep the “boys” alive so how do you feel about 100IU HCG daily or EOD??


Sorry. I forgot to mention. You and you colleagues have me convinced to forget about using an AI and forget about E2. So where did my sides come from, and please remember they only show up when E2 was 70 +. I understand the waiting for 4-8 weeks, but when one of these symptoms is ED, or zero libido, and BPH how do I get through the 8 weeks? Sexually I’m dead in the water and I can’t pee, or I’m getting up several times a night?? Only when nE2 is high.

Thank you!

Do not listen to dbossa. High Estradiol causes many problems in MOST men. His body is able to tolerate higher E2 levels; He is not in the majority. If your Estradiol is still too high on Test. Cyp. 50mg Every 3 days (It is unclear if you tried this, as it sounds like you did 50mg EOD, which would be 200mg per week, which is too much). You will need a small dose of Anastrozole to get your Estradiol to normal range. Estradiol should be between 20-30pg/ml for MOST men.

Go back on Test. Cyp. 50mg Every 3.5 days (100mg per week total). Add anastrozole right now. I’d personally do 1/2 tab twice per week for 2 weeks, then reduce to 1/4 tab twice weekly, given your current Estradiol level and protocol switch I’m recommending.

You can wait it out and let your body normalize after 8 weeks and finally feel good from then on out or you can constantly change your protocol and attempt to hit some imaginary number that is impossible to stay at.

All the shit @TRT_Phoenix is saying is literally what this whole forum believed until several years ago. A whole forum wouldn’t stop doing something if it worked. Be careful. I followed that same BS the first year of TRT and never felt how I had expected to feel and was always chasing E2. If you do follow his advice please start a log so everyone can see clearly how it goes.

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175mg/week, not 200

Again thanks. I saw the entire video, and even if you were wrong I don’t believe the other guys were, and as you say what would be the point. I just don’t know how some goes through the sides I listed for you, for eight weeks. It’s not about belief or attitude these are real disrupting symptoms. I do think that the Test Cream is causing problems weather it’s E2 or DTH all I know is I’m a mess. Thanks for the effort. Do any of your doc buddies takenew telemedicine clients?


It’s 125 per week

Thom Turcotte





I was taking 50MG E3D (Every 3rd day) = 125MG



@TRT_Phoenix you’re a joke. I’m bringing on countless people that are confirming the same thing and providing evidence in the medical literature to back it up yet you still think this is my opinion? Are you that dumb? What’s wrong with you? How many doctors do I have to bring on to convince you that what you’re saying is an absolute falsehood? How many studies do I have to provide you? Do I need to add more to that Google drive or have you even read it? Can you even read?

Seriously how stupid are some people? It’s like the guys who believe the Earth is flat and you take them up in a space shuttle and show them the Earth for themselves and they still tell you the Earth is flat. That it’s all some kind of a hoax because their lives are so miserable there must be some conspiracy theory to prove why their lives suck as much as they do. If you want to have that opinion and keep it to yourself by all means but don’t go and give that advice to people who are seeking Improvement with their health.

120, but close enough :wink:


You were asking me about my stats any opinion? Also, do you know docs taking telemed clients?

Interesting, I though you go: 50 x10 /4 =125 No?

Yes, apologies… I will reply in a bit… Just wanted to ensure you wouldn’t take the advice of a grown man who still plays in a sandbox.

Where are you located?

50/3=16.7 per day
16.7 x 7 days per week = 117mg per week

If you’re in the US I can put you in touch with a telemedicine doc. I think I’ve spoken to you before about it though. The name looks familiar at least.

No worries. I’m glad to have the info. KC,MO originally Boston.


Learn something new every day, cool!

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It sucks. Believe me I’m a hard headed SOB. I didn’t just decide to wait 8 weeks. I changed shit constantly thinking I was smarter than everyone else until I got to a breaking point and realized I wasn’t smarter than everyone and just bit the bullet and finally did it. Thankfully it worked and it’s one of the reasons I’m very vocal about “wait 8 fucking weeks”. Those 8 weeks suck but not near as much as feeling worse than pre-TRT for a whole year. Where I’m at now is better than I could have imagined.

It’s like basic training for the military. It sucks but you have to do it to get there.

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