How Long to Dial in TRT?

Greetings gents,

I have been on TRT since May (about 4 months) and while it started off great, I have noticed a sharp drop in libido compared to how I was feeling when I first started (or even before I started)

My doc has me on 100mg Cyp every 5 days, and I JUST started taking 1mg Adex per week after I explained my lack of libido to him. I have only been taking the adex for about 2 weeks – does anyone know how long before I can feel different?

I just started dating someone I like, and this libido thing is killing me. At this point, I don’t even know if the TRT is worth it!

But if anyone has some wisdom in this area, it would be great to hear. I’m starting to get anxious about all these TRT variables.


First you need to find a doctor that knows what he’s doing, prescribing an AI without low estrogen symptoms or blood work is a ticket to failure and you will likely drive your estrogen into the floor! Understand almost everyone goes through a TRT honeymoon phase, when you begin TRT your natural production shuts down and when that happens you start to feel fatigued and low energy. It will pass in time and if you’re properly managed you should slowly notice you are feeling better.

I’m only been on trt for 5 months now and I’m starting to feel better already, erections and libido still improving but slowly. You should try injecting twice weekly, you might find you don’t even need an AI, injecting twice a week also lowers your estrogen levels.

Thanks for that. The reason he put me on the adex was that after 4 months I wasn’t getting my normal morning woods, was feeling emotional, and I have been dating a gorgeous woman and my sex drive was non-existent.

When my levels were check 6 weeks into TRT my E2 was on the higher end of normal, but he was going by my symptoms.

Did you lose your sex drive initially? Also, I am doing every 5 day injections. Are you suggesting doing it more frequently than that?

My sex drive was dead before starting TRT, morning erections were non- existent for many months. When my T-levels suddenly plummeted it took months to lose my muscle mass and then I lost the ability be physically active. I have night/morning erections every night, there still on the weak side though. I originally went to a neurologist who tested my leg muscles and found them to be atrophying, every muscle (including muscles in penis) in my body was wasting away so it’s probably going to take me longer to recover. As far as injection protocol it really depends on where you labs were pre-TRT.

A lot of guys feel great at the beginning and all of a sudden they start feeling fatigued and run down, after months feeling like crap the give up on TRT not realising it takes time for some guys to adjust to TRT and if their doctors aren’t managing their levels properly, they give up. If you’re having issues with estrogen and you’re injecting once a week, you’ll notice lower estrogen switching to twice weekly injections.

7 months on trt here, I’d say it took about 5-6 months for me to get the full benefits

The 1st month was a nightmare and I felt worse than before trt, the 2nd month was amazing with libido through the roof but now my levels have normalised, libido is higher than before trt but not through the roof like it was in month 2, overall the feeling is way better now than before trt

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My problem has been regulating my Estrodial. I am also sensitive to Testosterone and reaching 1100 levels on .7ml a week. I am coming up on a year and just now getting my E2 levels in line. I am down to 1/8th of a 1mg pill of Anestrazole and still dropping E2 levels too far, but I am close to having it dialed in.
Get labs, follow the advice on this forum, only mess with one variable at a time.