How Long to developed body?

To all the “experts” out there…
In your estimate, experience, how long does it take the average joe to go from a untrained state to having a “great physique”?

anywhere from 3 months to 12 years, to even possibly never… genetics, present body type, age, physical and mental capabilities, money, etc. all play a role… and what your definition of “great physique” is… but i believe if a person is motivated, gets educated from the right sources, who is goal-oriented and can stick to a strict diet and training regiem, i think a person can be pretty pleased with themself in about 6 months.

What does the “The Average Joe” eat? How old is “the average Joe”? What type of workout is the average Joe doing? What is the average Joe’s bdyfat% ? How much experience does the average Joe have with diet and training? What is the level of commitment of the average Joe? How exactly does the average Joe define a “great Physique”? In my experience, people who ask the type of question you have posed never achieve the results they seek. Read the guest atomic dog in the current issue.

The number one factor, I think, that determines how fast you develop is CONSISTENCY. I am more muscular now, at 42, than I have ever been in my life and I owe it to the last two years of going to the gym consistently. You can’t lift weights two or three weeks then quit for two months, then go back, etc., etc., and expect to develop. I also try to keep my protein around 200 grams or so a day (I weigh 225)although I haven’t been tracking it. I try to get 30-40 grams 6 times a day. I also noticed I began to grow faster after I eliminated alcoholic beverages from my lifestyle.

I believe it depends on how hard you’re willing to work.

Id agree with podge. 3 months to never.

How about the average Dale… or Bill,Jack, Sam or Ken?

Four years, ten months, three weeks and between 4 days, two hours and 6 days, seven hours (depending on one’s individual genetics).

Let me ask you something: does it matter? You will drive yourself crazy focusing on getting your idea of how your physique should look. Results never seem to come fast enough. Instead, enjoy the journey. Appreciate what you have and enjoy every training session to make it better. To the inexperienced this will sound cheesy, but the experienced will understand.