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How Long To Bulk?


So i've been bulking for almost a month straight and i've put on a bit of weight. I want to be a bit bigger but of course I don't want this excess fat that i've now accumulated. Should I start throwing in more cardio, cut back on calorie intake or what?

I was thinking maybe trying to cut back on calorie intake and do a little more cardio for a week or so and then bulk up some more and then cut again.

Or should I just keep bulking?
I just don't want my stomach to get out of hand. I can barely see my abs now and my stomach is bulding out quite a bit. When I first started bulking my stomach was in a bit of pain because it was stretching I guess. When I say stomach I mean more so my actual belly.. and my skin.

Also, i've noticed a bit of assymetry goin on with my back and stomach also. My abs have never been lined up very well and I was wondering if there was a way to correct this.

Also, my right side of my lower back is definitely more developed. I was wondering if I did dumbells instead of a barbell/curl bars that it would help correct that.

One more thing that I couldn't find info on when searching was what multi-vit would you guys recommend? I've been taking centrum performance for a while now, but just wondering if there was something a lot better out there.

Thanks, you guys are awesome!


What is your weight now? What is your goal weight? Truthfully, get to your desired weight, then worry about appearance. Don't yo-yo your way through training, you will only hinder your progress. You are putting too much emphasis on looks right now.


well that's sort of the thing, i don't have a goal weight. I've always been really skinny all my life.. around 140's and under. Now i'm around 155. I don't know how big I want to get per se. I am sick of always being the "little guy" so I want to appear to have a bit of mass to me and not look like a guy you could just throw around like a rag doll.

I agree with you that I am focusing a lot on appearance because that's really what I'm training for. Though I thought that's what bodybuilding was all about.

Mainly I don't want my belly to stick way out and people to think I have a beer belly when it's really just me bulking up and I will eventually lose it. I just don't want it to get out of hand but I can stand a little bit. On the other hand I don't want to cut for a week or so and lose any of the bulk that I should have kept on.


Of course bodybuilding is about appearance, but you have to set some simple goals or you're just spinning your wheels. I'd say at 155, you need to focus on gaining mass. Of course not mass at any expense, but you need to organize your diet and your training to go along with your goal.

That is why is setting a goal is so important. When I say a goal, I mean an obtainable goal, a ralistic goal. Something that you can work to in a rather short period of time. A goal will help keep you motivated. Weight gain (fat) is nearly inevitable, but it can be controlled. The thing is don't let your abs direct how you train, because you will not progress as fast as you can.


Bulking for a whole month..man, that long?


For real. I don't know how he lasted for so long. It must have been hell.

Not that cliched hell either that people use randomly to describe relatively bad experiences, but REAL hell.


You won't have a beer gut if you build up your chest so that it sticks out further than your stomach. You can have a 38 inch waist if you have a 52 inch chest. No-one will care (least of all you) if you are caring a little extra weight if you are built like a bull.

If you are getting fat, but you are not putting on muscle, I would have a look at what your routine looks likes.

I have been bulking for the last 8 months, and I think I have about another 3 months left in me.


Hahahahahaha. I'm pretty impressed too.

On a serious note, tad has put on 15 pounds in one month, and can still see his abs. A few more months of bulking and he may no longer look like a rag-doll.

Tad: I'd say give it another couple months. It sounds like with your metabolism, you should have no issues losing the fat you gain over the bulking period.


Hey in one month some people can probably put on more than 2" on their waists, I know I could. At that pace of overzealous bulking, give it 6 months and you really are a fat slob, whether you started at 140 or not.