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How Long to Build Muscle?


how long does it take to build muscle? I read about a pound a week. What if your on supplements? I also read that for cutting that you should only lose a pound a week -that means that I would have to start cutting today for this summer. I want to keep gaining. Can you get stronger while your cutting?


It takes difrent time for difrent people and if that 1 pound is true then it isnt "pure muscle" it is louds of water to .


I will have to wash my car today if I want it to be clean. I want to drive through mud.


That is likely not true for a beginner. A beginner can well put on a pound or more of 'pure muscle' a week.


oh, It was pounds. In my country we use kilo =)


Doesn't matter. If you were to take someone even as large as Prof. X, and remove all of the "water" from his muscle, you would only have a couple of pounds of "pure" muscle.

Unless for some strange reason a person has an unusual amount of extracellular fluid floating around, most of our gains are "water" or some other types of fluid.


I get it!!!


Fair enough. But as a matter of common understanding, fat-free mass gained is synonomous with muscle gained


Yea, I get that, I just hate to see people develope the idea that some gains are just "water", or that other gains are "pure" muscle. A lot of guys start out thinking this and it hinders their developement of an understanding of the different modes of training that can be used to achieve different types of hypertrophy as they would pertain to a goal.


I doubt Ronnie Coleman coud put on another gram withou making some serious adjustments to his training/drug program. The guy is prety much maxed out on all fronts.

He just doesn't have much more room to grow. The point of diminishing return comes to mind.
A new or less experienced lifter might be a better subject though. With some exelent veteran coaching and prescription- I could see that happening.


I wouldn't become too disenchanted with that goal. In the past 4 years I've gone from about 143 to 170 as of today, and that was with some serious injury, poor training habits and general lack of discipline. 10 of those lbs. have come in the past year with the start of more powerlifting type of training and better discipline with regard to eating and lifting.


Absolutely nothing. Since I'm gained well over 6-8 lbs a year without steroid use. But I do believe the earth is flat. And the tooth-fairy is real. Pretty good in bed too though she's got a few things to work on.


No it is not accurate. What are planning to do with the remaining 3-4 years after you have hit 94Kg?


A lifter could gain more than 6-8 lbs a year for some time and get pretty damn big. A lot of people who 'lift weights' don't even understand what caloric surplus is. They stare at you blankly if you try to explain it to them.


Your coach is wrong. I gained more than "6-8lbs" and I know and worked out with people who gained more than that. That might be "average" but to hold all humans to that standard is just plain stupid. Beginners can gain more than that if they train correctly. After someone has been lifting for a while, expecting much more 10lbs of mass gain a year is pushing it. You can't just make a blanket statement for all people because your level of training, along with genetics, has much to do with it.


Sounds to me like you're going to use this 6-8lbs/year figure as an excuse for not gaining more. I'd say starting lifting big, eating big, and see where it takes you.


even if you woud gain 6-8 pounds of muscle you woud still have some pounds more fat probably if you?re aiming for your weight goal, but 1lbs per week * 52 = 52 lbs , that?s just unreal. now you?ll say : it?s slower after some time. but still . 0.5*52 = 26lbs pure muscle , that?s some heavy shit.

I wish you all luck in the future mate (=



The only advice I can give, eat big , lift , enjoy lifting , read all kind of articels : nutrition , science , training programs etc..


You wouldn't really want to enter a competition until you build some solid mass and have time to lean out, right? You at least want to look like you belong up there on stage if not place. Give it time.


I totaly agree with jsbrook.
I have no experince of both gaining weight and looseing bodyfat at the same time as you?re gaining muscle.

I woud say that you shoud get to your goal., or a bit over and then go for a "leanout diet"