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How Long to Bring Estrogen Up?

since my estrogen crashed and is now at 5. how long will it take to get back to mid 20s? sorry i know this is a different thread than my other one but its a different question.

Justin, based on what I read in your other thread, you seem to be an over-responder to AI, especially when an AI is being taken when it’s not needed.

It’s going to take a while for your E2 to rebound, but stick to your 100mg dose per week of Test and drop the AI altogether. If you are taking any HCG you may want to temporarily drop that for a bit too. You do have high HCT so you could probably drop your test dose a little until you get everything stabilized and then start bringing it back up slowly. Unfortunately, you are probably going to have to start over with dialing everything in and are looking at a bit of a process to get things back to good bro.

It’s hard to say, just beware there can be a E2 rebound effect that isn’t pleasant if on anastrozole.

ive only taken 4 anastrozole pills. two 1 mg in summer which crashed. then this winter i took half a 1mg pill for 2 weeks and its crashed.

I take one .125 and knock estrogen down to 12.

how do you stay in range? just wondering

Well you first have to define range. YOUR range will be whatever number is high enough to not feel low E2 symptoms (cracking dry joints etc) and whatever number is low enough to not have High E2 symptoms (water retention, gyno, itchy nipples, etc).

Don’t define range as a number until you know what that number is when you FEEL good with no symptoms. When that range is established, you can tweak your test dose up and down to maintain that. It’s typically, and most accurately, established by adjusting test dose alone without any other compounds.

If you do it this way, you will optimize your test to E2 ratio and then find what everyone is looking for…Hemeostasis, or …balance!

Where most people start getting screwed up is when they want to push their test to the limit and then try to control E2 with an AI. That’s not your body’s natural balance. Sure it feeds your ego to push a little harder in the gym, but it’s not balance. If your problem is hypogonadism, then a test dose alone at the right level and frequency will be all you need to get to good. Then you can be the best that YOU can be.

A lot of people try to use this a magic pill and push the dosage to get as big and ripped as possible, and then fight E2 for the rest of their life…you could do that if you too but it sounds to me more like you’re looking for optimizing your protocol to feel better.

Edit to add… there is nothing wrong “disclaimer” with someone who is on TRT and has their protocol dialed in correctly, and has put in the effort to be as fit as they can be with natural optimized levels, to make a choice to do a “blast” or cycle every now and then. It’s not foolproof nor is it perfectly safe, but that’s a choice that they can make and go for it as long as they now that their bodies can handle the temporary surge. My post was not meant to demonize that. I just wanted to clarify that there is a time and place for that sort of thing, and certain conditions that should be met before one even thinks about doing a blast. Trying to dial in a THERAPY protocol is NOT the time to try and see how high you can push the envelope.

I definitely don’t care about my gains in the gym. I’m a bike rider. I have the woman I plan to spend the rest of my life with. I have no need to impress anyone. I feel real goos with my T around 500. But its hard to compare when i was at basically none in my body. Really don’t care to feel better than i felt a couple months back. No anxiety, great sex life, bike 20 miles a day easily, wanted to go be productive. Now my bp is high, heart rate high, im going through menopause feels like and no energy. And how do I find what range works for me when they check my estrogen and all that every 3 months how do I say hey 6 weeks ago I felt good. But I’ll have no idea what level that was. Any help on what I can do to ask my doctor will help. at one point my estrogen was at 31. It didnt feel good. 60 doesn’t feel good. 0 doesn’t feel good. And 5 doesn’t feel good. I at least got that narrowed down thats all I can help with. I just want my normal life back.

I hear you brother and it can definitely be frustrating. In your situation, I would personally try test only at around 50mg twice a week for 6 weeks without changing anything or taking anything else. Go get bloods for Total T, Free T, SHGB, and sensitive E2. Asses how you feel. If your numbers have room and you feel like you have room for improvement, bump your test dose by just a little (bump down if your lab results are pushing the top of the scale or up if you have some headroom in the ranges listed) and repeat the 6 week process. If you feel great then don’t change anything and have bloods drawn again in a few more months. If all is still good then you can consider adding back in HCG if you choose and then you’ll know how HCG effects you comparitavely. If your SHGB comes back really low you may have to inject more frequently. It’s a trial and error thing man and it takes time.

This kind of proves what we are all saying here. No specific number will be correct. At all of those results you posted, what was your ratio of a test to E2? I think that variable would explain a lot more than just what the levels of E2 were.

I do get what you guys are saying. what im asking is how do I tell the doctor I felt good but don’t have results for when I feel good? if I don’t see my doctor for 3 more months and my estrogen is not feeling good but I felt good at a different range during this 3 months I will have no idea what that level was. is there doctors that allow you to come in to check your levels when you feel at your best? so I know what that level is. my doctors range form my estradiol is 10-40. my testosterone is just under 500. ive read for my age the average man has 25.7 estradiol. I feel like im always missing my best window when to take my blood tests. is there a testosterone to estrogen ratio test? whats it called on lab work? maybe my doctor isn’t checking that. that’s definitely good information for me if they aren’t. this is what ive asked. what do I need to ask my doctor to make this go better for me and for you guys to help. thanks for all the help so far. this site is saving my life. and I cant thank anyone enough

I guess you just take T and divide by e2. well my t/e is about 100 right now. 18 days ago it was 8.1 this is very hard since im an over responder and my prescription is currently always being changed since 0.5 mg twice a week crashes me. now they got me on 0.5 mg every other week. wont know what that T/E is until 3 months…

they give me pre filled syringes as well… idk how to manually break that down in twice weekly amounts since im at 125mg and one syringe. 2 weeks ago they increased me from 100mg to 125…she said she wants me at 850 T. ive jumped 481 points in 10 months even though my hematocrit is high estrogen is unstable. her answer was to increase testosterone and just take anastrozole 0.5mg every other week and come back for labs in 3 months lol… quack quack??

Yeah I would agree that you’re in sort of a pickle. Are you in the states? You should talk to your doctor and ask them about giving you a prescription for the vial if possible and not having everything compounded. You should have some option to request specific blood tests whenever you desire. If you’re in the states it’s as easy as going online and ordering them yourself. Not sure if that’s an option for you, but if it is I would take advantage. It’ll cost you a little out of pocket perhaps, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Yes I live in states. Where do I go online to order these forms

There’s a bunch. Just google it and you’ll find them. I think a lot of guys here use labcorp and discountedlabs. The labs I am getting done next week are though labcorp, but I didn’t order them myself. Defy sent me the order. You don’t have to go through a doctor though. You can go on their website and select the tests you want, pay then with a credit card, and go to a local facility to get the draw and send off.

This is why I asked on here you guys rock!! Thank you so much. I would shake your hand if i could. Thank you for helping me better my life.