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How Long to Boost T with Cabergoline?

I’m on cabergoline for a pituitary adenoma. Recently my prolactin tested around 40 (scale of 3-15), and my mood has gotten so nasty I finally decided to give it another shot.

Taking just .125mg twice a week (.25mg total per week) to start, as .5mg used to make my libido worse. So far so good - my mood has improved as has libido.

My question is, my T isn’t the best, and hangs around the mid 500s, with FT % around 1.7%. I’ve tried TRT and clomid, and felt better on it.

I know caber can increase T a lot, but how long can it take? And is it simply from reducing prolactin? Mine isn’t super high, so wondering if I can expect much of an increase at all.