How Long to Avoid Alcohol before Blood Test?

Got diagnosed with hypogonadism about 6 months ago. Tried numerous things, including all the thyroid stuff, better diet, more lifting, better sleep, dropping allergy meds, and more. Tried clomid as well - worked great for a week, then went downhill.

Anyways, after all this, I’m going in for another test soon. But, I did a bunch of beer drinking over this past weekend. Like 4 a day maybe - not blackout drunk. I rarely drink aside from that, maybe once a month.

Should I wait until the end of this week, next week, or longer? I want an accurate picture, because this is going to determine if I give Defy a call back to order everything.

FWIW, 33y/o with a pituitary adenoma

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Following as i’d like to know as well.

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Do you still have consistent symptoms? You said you were already diagnosed with hypogonadism, and Clomid has worked (for a short time) in the past. Do you feel as well as you did on Clomid now?

My feeling on this is some people seem more sensitive to lifestyle factors when it comes to hormones. Some can get away with a lot and still have high normal levels.

I improved my diet, sleep, cut out most drinking, and the result was a lower value on the testosterone.

I would take the test on a day that reflects your average day.

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Symptoms are mostly consistent. There’s some good days here and there. I was only on clomid briefly, but I did enjoy the first week on it (then started getting all emotional, like I’ve heard happens to many).

I’m definitely very sensitive to lifestyle factors. It seems now that a couple beers or a late night out ruins it for a few days.

My diet is great now, my sleep is better (but constantly waking up), and I really don’t drink much compared to years ago. I sleep more than I did the past few years, but it’s not perfect. That said, I have many friends in the same age group who push it even further and don’t have a single issue.

Good point on taking it on an average day. This week has been rough after my drinking “bender” so I think I’ll wait until next week.

Last blood test I took was on an average day.

I have sleep issues, so I took the test not on the worst night, but not my best night either (more reflective of average).

Another question to ask yourself, is it worth it to live a restrictive lifestyle just to get from low to low normal. I have read a few cases where people have totally turned there numbers around from (low normal to high normal), but the before lifestyle was ridiculous (sleep 3 hours a night, drink, stressful job, etc…). It doesn’t sound like your lifestyle was that out of line before (your binge was 4 drinks a day).

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You’ve got a valid point.

My lifestyle could be a little tighter, but it’s still lighter than all of my friends. I sleep 8-10 hours a night on weekdays, and 5-7 on the weekends. I rarely drink, and try to keep it to a few drinks. Life is a little stressful, but it seems like it’s getting more stressful on its own. In other words, I feel there’s a biological component to it.

I’m sure in a few years, I’ll move away from this lifestyle, but I fear there will be more problems then. Plus, between low T and the symptoms, it’s already taken a large toll on my life.

Ironically, for a month or so after clomid, things went much better overall. Anxiety was lower, relationships were smoother, and my T was coming back 600-700+. Not sure where it’s at now.

Also, to my knowledge, mine was never super low, but has gone from a consistent 600 for years to <450.

I was definitely never as sensitive to these lifestyle things either.