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How Long Till You Eat?


I was wondering if some people of knowledge could help me with this..

I eat breakfast at 10 a.m., I wait till 11:00 a.m. to take my N0-Xplode and about 11:45 I workout until about 1 p.m.

Now my question is, do I eat my food immediatley after my workout or do I wait?

I've read alot of things where people will wait an hour after their workout to eat their food (Not their post workout shake) and was wondering what was better to gain muscle, eat right after or wait a bit



I'm sure there will be many answers but basically, have your immediate post-workout shake ... then 1 hour later, have ANOTHER post workout shake (if you can), then perhaps 2.5hrs after workout have your big meal.

But otherwise, have the meal at one hour after the workout.

For me personally I think this is a good plan where 0 hour is workout:

-2 hours: last real meal, and I like tuna sandwich at this time
-1/2 hr: pre workout shake
0 hour: workout. water.
45 mins: still workout out and have glucose type drink (not always workout out over 45mins but sometimes have longer session)
1.5hrs : workout finished by now, post workout shake

2.5 hrs: 2nd post workout shake, this one however can be cheaper whey, WPI whatever does not have to be super charged hydrolysed. note this is 1 hour after workout finished.

3.5hrs: eat a meal

Note these are not strict it is not often I get that amount of free space and time to workout like that (without having eaten before etc..)

I don't always have a pre-workout shake but I do have a glucose drink during the workout, or a half-dose of glucose, put the other half in the post workout.


I have a question, why are you taking NO-xplode? And to answer ur question, about an hour and a half to 2 hours after my PWO.


Me?? goal bulking shake during, shake after with fruit, drive to food eat.

Eat for your goals if aiming to put on mass no better time to stuff your face.


I eat immediately after my workout (and that includes my post-workout shake). If you want anymore information outside the articles here check out JB's and CW's interview on T-Nation Radio.


The same here. I'm constantly eating for a period of 3 or 4 hours following training in order to get the calories, interrupted only by things like a short drive home from the gym, showering and meal preparation.


I start with whey immeadiate after, and am eating as soon as I make it to food. My favorite PWO meal is chipotle bowl, with pinto beans, extra chicken, no sour cream. Chipotle is across the street from the gym, maybe 5 minutes from PWO to food.


How's the NO-Xplode working out for you?

Another way to get rid of all of that annoying Xcessive Xplosiveness ... just quit weight training and start jogging.


What and how soon should you eat after training depends on goals, how intense the training was, what you had to eat before you trained, what you sippied on after you trained.

Heres what I do.

Sip on primarily carb. drink during. 4:1 carb/prot. drink post w/o. Go home, immediately shower then eat a high carb meal.

I love NTS countdown and musclade powders.


30-15 minutes before workout- Surge or similier product

30-60 minutes after workout- Surge or similier workout

solid meal usually 1-2 hours after last shake

you will find many different opinions but in general I feel its safe to say your best bet is a shake with 2:1 simple carbs:protien somewhere between imediatly after your workout to an hour after.


I'll normally sip 1/2 Surge during workout.

1/2 Immediately after.

Walk home (5min walk) and I have a bowl (100g uncooked) brown rice which I prepared the night before, I add some tomato sauce, in microwave a couple of minutes, then I eat that.

I cook for the next day (45 - 60minutes).

I prepare a shake with 2 scoops of Grow! and 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive.

Finished the shake I eat 2 pears (roughly 350g), a nice dose of cottage cheese (about 150g) and my Fish Oil (10g).

Then I go to bed :)..

Note: I am bulking and I train at night which means most of my food intake has already occured during the day.


Just to hijacked the thread

I workout in the morning at 6:00am due to travelling required i always wake up at 4:00am to have my breakfast before going to gym which includes the usual 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 5 eggs (2yolks), 1 apple, 2 slice of low-fat cheese, 1 TBSP of flaxseeds.

I have been doing this for ages but i beginning to think it's crazy to wake up this early and have a meal which i can have more snooze time. Cos when the lunch or evening approaches i'm usually very tired due to insufficient rest.

Any feedback


I'll throw in my 2 cents\routine:

Up at 4am - eat cup of oatmeal, protein shake, and usually a banana or an apple.

Drive to gym, 5 minutes away. Sip a BCAA cocktail during my workout. Post workout, after shower, at gym, consume a 2:1 ratio carb\protein shake. (Usuallly 60 carbs from a combo of oats and dex, and 30 protein).

Finally, within about an hour and a half, I hit the work cafeteria, have more oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, ezekiel bread toasted, and whatever else I'm in the mood for. (I bring all my own food to work so I just use the caf. as a sitting spot, LOL).


Thanks for the reply

Anyone else here are early eater.

Glad to know that i'm not the only weirdo here.


I usually am up around 5-7am. I'll make scramble 6 eggs ( 3 whole + 3 whites ), whole grain toast, 4 strips bacon, OJ and milk. Sometimes I'll add spinach and cheese.


90 mins before: Solid Meal

15 min before: Surge(or something like it,Whey and Gatorade if nothing else)

Water during workout

15-25 min after: Surge

I would then wait an additional 45 minutes or so then pig out if bulking or if cutting a meal that goes along with your nutritional goals.