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I’m currently on a 2on/4off cycle using finasol and im on day 5 now ,i was planning on stopping at day 10 and then recovering with clomid for 14 days ,but i havnt noticed anything as yet and ive only got another 5 days of spraying to go . I made the finasol using 2g of finaplix and 40ml of isoproxyl alcohol wich would give me 50mg/ml and ive been spraying 1ml(7sprays) twice a day 8am and 12pm.Im currently 200pounds at 12% bodyfat and i want to get to 7-8 % bodyfat.I have a months supply of clomid and was wondering if i should just keep going on this dosage for 4weeks while dieting and then recover with clomid?

Well, first thing is, trenbolone acetate by itself is not that effective an anabolic. It’s stunning when combined with a good Type II
but by itself is often disappointing. So if
you are using only the Finasol (the only
thing you mentioned) this alone could explain
your results or lack thereof.

So add in Dianabol, Anadrol, or Androsol.

Secondly, with moderate doses of steroids its not unusual for it to take three weeks before definite results really have been obtained. It is only when you have a reasonably impressive stack or single-product dosage that you’ll see good results in just 2 weeks let alone 5 days. But when you do have something that kicks ass, yes, you should have seen something by 5 days.

Your timing of the sprays is not ideal: 16 hours apart, then 8 hours apart. Getting closer to 12 hours apart would help.

Also, although Brock’s guys got great results
with 100 mg/day applied (also using Androsol however) 200 may be a better amount, especially given the results you’ve had (namely none.)
It’s quite possible that 200 mg topically
delivers only 50 mg to the system, and if
so then much less than 200, e.g. 100, would give much less than maximal results. And
if it’s 50% efficient (the high end of what
I think is a reasonable guess) 100 mg/day is
still not too gonzo although it’s more than
most guys need.

So: if you’re already also using Androsol or a Class II pharmaceutical steroid, increase the Finasol dose. If not, then add in Type II, see what happens, and if still not satisfactory only then increase the Finasol dose. In any case, try to get the Finasol applications more evenly spaced.

Good luck!

Thanks Bill for the info ,I should also say that for the first 2 days i only used 7 sprays in the morning only ,obviously a mistake .And only the last couple of days ive applied it twice per day ,so i might just count this as day 3 .I have noticed that my legs are a bit harder ,so thats a start .

i’ve noticed all my muscles are a lot harder and more defined with 14 sprays in morning and 10 in the evening + androsol. does anybody know what the best class II steroid to stack fina with is?

With steroids, for any given mechanism of action, if two steroids both work that way, then it’s not a question of one being “better” in terms of being able to give more results. Either, if given at high enough dose, can saturate the pathway of that mechanism and can give maximal results.

“Better” then is not from how much maximum result you can get, but is based on how you balance price, side-effects (including side effects from metabolites like estrogen),
availability, and legality.

Dianabol at 50 mg/day will give you the desired
effect (10 mg five times per day.) Disadvantages, aromatizes to estrogen, has some liver toxicity though this is not a major
thing over a moderate period of time, followed
by some off weeks. Cost? About $5 per day typically, at that dose level.

Anadrol at 100 mg/day, divided into four doses,
is quite comparable. Disadvantages: same liver toxicity (no moreso than Dianabol), and apparent progestagenic activity that aggravates
effect of aromatizing steroids if you are using any, but seems unimportant if you aren’t using any of these. Price, about $3/day at
that dose, maybe less if you get a good deal.

Androsol at 1 gram per day (70 sprays twice
per day). Again, same desired effect, no liver
toxicity problem, no estrogen problem, no
progestagenic activity problem, price about
$2.78 per day (with buy two get one free deal. Whether spraying twice per day, or having to take tablets four or five times
per day is more convenient depends on individual preference: I find it perfectly convenient to take tablets 4 or 5 times per day, and not inconvenient to use Androsol – advantage to the tablets – but others find
the convenience factor to be the other way
around (they don’t like carrying pills
around with them and remembering to take them.)

L-Nat, you don’t feel the increased aggression part? I got it so much today trying to find parking at the mall. Sorta disturbing.

I do have one question for Bill if he reads this thread again:
After my last Androsol cycle I used Androsol in the AM only (washed off in evening) for 5 more days. This helped alot in keeping the gains. Would this work with the finasol at the end of my current finasol/androsol cycle, or should I only use straight androsol for the 5 day AM only dosing (during this period i’m going to lift VERY heavy with low volume)? I’m guessing the latter would be a better option since TA is more inhibitive to natural test recovery than 4AD. Please correct me if I’m wrong.