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How Long Till I See Results?


I posted the first half of my cycle prop & masteron 100mg Eod, Many posters said that it was a moderate does which is what i want since this is my first cycle ever. The question i have is how long will it take me to see results with a clean diet, I am already a very big guy 245-350 pounds!!!


The main goal is to gain as much as I can all the while staying fit!


Can you be more specific?

100mg of each EOD or 50mg of each EOD?

Clean diet as low calories?

What is your current body fat?

How old are you?

Can you see where I'm going with this, are you picking up what I'm putting down?

The more you tell us the more people here have to work with when offering advice, you sound relatively inexperienced with AAS so you must know how to lift if you're 245LB's...


100mg of each, clean diet as in low fat, meduim to high calories (3000-5000) just cant eat somedays while on aas. dont know current bF but prolly around 15 % or higher & 19 years of age.


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19 years of age...running a low dose cycle, and is weighing between 245 and 350 pounds.. I'd say the Op isn't too bright.


I, too, weigh between 245 and 350 pounds. Somewhere through there.


I win. I weigh between 150 and 450.


just like in your last thread to young, not enough research an not enough information....


my bad its suppose to say 245-250


He nothing if not persistent...and thick, lol


OP.....Try bodybuilding.com I here it's nice there


I didn't say you wouldn't get flamed upon the submitting the information. Oops, I neglected to mention that.


Me too.