How Long Til You Noticed Results?

It’s only been a week so far since my weight loss journey. I was just curious to see how long it took for most of you to see visible results. Not so much in weight loss, but muscle gains or firmness.

I was hoping within 6 wks to tell a difference. I really expect to be transformed in 3 months.

When did you see results and what was it that you noticed?

Thanks, all comments welcome

I got into lifting weights after reading the old Body for Life book. I followed that program which was lifting weight every other day, and doing cardio for 20 minutes on alternate days, with one day a week completely off.

I vividly remember around 8 weeks beginning to finally “see” some muscle. At the end of 12 weeks people I knew commented every time they saw me that I had “transformed” myself.

I certainly wasn’t carrying the muscle at the end of 12 weeks that I carry now. But, I could see the difference that weight training made in my body and that is what created the monster! I now train heavy five days a week and love to be able to build muscle where I can see I am lacking.

There is NO quick fix with diet and training though. You WILL see results fast. But, it can take a year or more to really build some mature muscle. Good luck and just keep lifting!!

What is your current diet and training program?
6 weeks is enough time to lose significant fat and build a few pounds of solid muscle depending on your plan of attack. I highly recommend reading through the info on this site for tips with everything, including motivation.

As long as you have a plan and stick to it, and change it up as neccessary, you will get huge rewards. Especially since you are just starting out, that is when you can make the most progress the fastest.

Congratulations for deciding to firm up and good luck with your goals :slight_smile:

I agree with miss fit, people typically see the fastest gains in the first few months. I know when I started really lifting I noticed a difference in the way my body felt withing a few weeks although it took about a month for visible changes.

Whatever your goal is remember that there are no shortcuts and if you stay on track you’ll get there eventually! Good luck!

Thanks so much for all the feedback. In response to Miss Fits post. My diet consists of lean meats:chk,ground turkey,sliced turkey. I eat no processed carbs. I measure or weigh all portions of everything I eat. I I also keep a food journal daily. I average about 1300-1500 cal and about 80 or more grams protein daily.

I am following the Cardio Fat Inferno program found on T-Nation. As for resistance training I haven’t yet had the money to get a membership so I have been using “The Firm” exercise videos with dumbells three times weekly in my home.

However, I just got a check in the mail today and plan on going to sign up for membership tommorrow at my local gym. I plan on using the plan by Olyesa “20 for 12” found also on T-Nation.

I’m a little nervous about learning all the equipment and how to perform each set correctly. Do you guys think following the “20 for 12” resistance plan would be a good idea for someone new to weight training? Well, I’m not completely new. I lifted for about 2 months a few years ago, but didn’t get good results due to unclean eating.

Hi there! Congrats on your new lifestyle! =o)

You sound very determined, which is the most important factor in reaching those goals you’ve set for yourself. After that, comes diet. Your training and cardio programs follow.

My Fat Inferno cardio program and the 20 for 12 training program were meant to go hand in hand, and I wrote both of them keeping the needs of a beginner in mind. That being so, they’re both perfectly appropriate for you to follow as you get back into the gym.

Once again, don’t forget–your diet will be the most important factor in reaching your goals. Make sure you’re eating frequent, healthy meals. Be sure you’re getting enough calories and not undereating, as that will slow your metabolism (which never results in anything positive).

Hope this helps. If you have any questions about either of the programs you’ll be following, just let me know & I’ll answer them for you. If you need help with your diet, feel free to post that up & we’ll make sure you’re on the right track. =o)


Honestly I didn’t like my 6 weeks pics but you could see some change…I felt better and clothes fit better. 10 weeks was decent.

The last 4 weeks …weeks 22-26 are HUGE difference for me I have lost 8 inches total in those 4 weeks and I am finally out of WIDE jeans for good and getting real close to size 14 (in 16 regulars now) I wore a 22 and one 24 in the summer.

I looked at each section I measure and some are 8 inches plus lost on butt/waist and 6inches on chest. my quads are only down 4 inches but alot of the cottage cheese look are down …so while yes you can see results in 6 weeks for us larger gals a noticable difference can take a bit longer.

Yeah, I was in a size 14 last week. I’m happy to say I am down to a 12 this week! Yaah! I have to make it down to about a size 5 so I still have a ways to go. My weight has not actually changed, but I am getting smaller based on the way my pants fit. I checked my measurements and the weird thing is they have not changed! That can’t be right though or my pant size would not be getting smaller. I don’t think my measurements are accurate most the time. I try to put the tape in the same place , but somehow it tends to be slightly up a cm or 2 in alot of spots from where I measured the time before.

COngratulations on your weight loss, that’s very exciting. After my first pregnancy I was up to a size 22 and got back down to a size 8. It took me 2 years though! You must be very disciplined. I got off and on the diet/workout bandwagon, but eventually always got back on. After this pregnancy I’m determined to not keep the extra weight on that long! I don’t want to buy new summer clothes. If I could get back in my skinny clothes this summer, it sure would save alot of money. Plus, it give me motivation.

Something else that can be motivating. I got my husband to photopaste my face onto a fitness models body. It’s hilarious! I’m going to print it out and put it on my fridge as a reminder to be faithful with workouts and limit cheating.

Im in the same boat as you. I’m at a size 12 and working my way down.

Train hard, train smart.

You can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to.



In general,


This forum is the right place if your trying to lose. You can’t really find anything else that will give you as much motivation as all the rock hard women’s bodies on here. I feel comfortable taking advice from folks on here because they live what they preach and their bodies show it! Good luck. Keep in touch.

By the way, you sure look like you have some muscle in your arms! Have you previously lifted before or is it from carrying around the baby.

In my opinion, when dieting you should have measurable and noticeable changes just about every week until you’re fairly lean. If not, you haven’t hit the interaction of diet and training that’s working for your metabolism.

I strongly recommend you measure your body comp with calipers every week, and take tape measurements as well. The best way is to buy a cheap caliper and have a friend or your husband take the measurements every week. People always bash the calipers for being inaccurate, but that doesn’t matter. As long as your friend learns to pinch exactly the same spots each week, you’ll get reliable indicators of your progress.

Pinching the same spots is the key. I try to use moles or freckles as reference, and make notes so that I remember them each time. You can also mark fake moles with a Sharpie, and/or take pictures and mark the exact spot you want to use.

You end up with daily diet and training logs and scale weight measurement, and weekly skinfold and tape measurements and body comp estimates. You’re keeping track of exactly what you do and exactly what effect it has on your body.

I will see about getting calipers. How much do they typically cost?

I started seeing results in the first month of training with a PT and was super strict with my eating and workouts. I hit that great spot where I felt my metabolism reving up. I averaged a lb of weight loss a week even when I was on summer vacation for a couple of weeks and allowing myself a small treat everyday.

Finally I felt good enough to purchase some really great workout clothes that revealed more of my shoulders and back and my trainer said Whoa! and added more carbs to my diet.

These days if I am down in calories I know it because I am starving! I came back 5 pounds lighter from a trip to Asia because I couldn’t maintain my calorie intake. My husband still can’t get over the amount of food that I eat when it is all clean.
I have never measured my body fat. My trainer doesn’t really feel it is necessary. I have mostly gone by unsolicited feedback like “What the heck have you been doing?” and the fit of my pants.