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How Long Should You Take HCG If You're Stopping TRT?

I stopped three weeks ago and kept up daily small doses of hcg. I was on trt for 3 months.

My T level had been around 360 prior to starting, then 250. The 250 total Treading was 2 weeks after a month where I first tried about 200 mg over a period of a month from a friend.

HCG will keep you shutdown I would stop now. Now you just have to wait for your pituitary gland to start producing LH and FSH. Don’t ask how long that will take because everyone is different.
You could ask some of the guys over in Pharma about a Restart if you have access to those drugs.
Other than that its a waiting game. Eat healthy, exersize and try to get some good sleep.

Why are you stopping? From what I’ve read it can take months (maybe a year) for your endocrine system to adjust to the presence of exogeneous hormones.

What was your protocol?

Are you saying your testosterone went down on TRT?

If this was the case no one would cycle T. I believe most guys return to normal production in 4-6 weeks

TRT isn’t done in “cycles” in the same that thyroid and insulin aren’t done in cycles. It’s medication for a medical disorder. Likely if someone takes TRT or steroids for physique, their natural T is likely never coming back after stopping either.

Your doc prescribed 200 mg?

That’s not what I would call TRT, I would call that androgen deprivation therapy. SHBG binds testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and insulin. Surely you considered SHBG before going forward with androgen deprivation therapy…?

It’s clear to everyone here you have no clue what you’re doing and your results or lack thereof are not surprising and expected. Most would consider my protocol on the lower end, 80mg weekly split up every 2 days, that’s 320mg monthly and you were at 200mg.

Probably enough for a pre puberty child.

Please return to go and do not collect 200 dollars.

Of course its not. The word “cycle” on this forum means the recreational use of testosterone.
And if anyone who cycles had to wait 1 year for his natural T to return no one would be cycling.
As for guys going off TRT or a cycle they have no problems returning to their natural T lvl. That does not mean its a good lvl but it was what they were making before.

Your statement “likely never coming back after stopping either.” is absolutely false.

Oh, there are plenty that don’t come back.