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How Long Should ME Lift Take?

Today I did ME Squat work out and my exercise was good mornings, and it took me about 45 min to work up to my max. Is this too long? I usually rest about 2 min between sets. Also there is tons of articals written about westside methods but how long should the rest periods between sets of assistance movements be?

You did 22 warm-up sets?

If your new to this type of training working up to your max takes a while because you dont know your capabilities. Once you tune in, it will take you much less time to find your max. Next time you do Goodmornings, either make larger jumps between weight or start your warmups closer to your max. You’ll figure it out. Good Luck

I shoot for 9-12 sets with 3 of those sets at or above 90%. With 20-30 lb jumps in weight. Is this the right way to go about this?

Quarter, plate, quarter, plate, until you get close to your max.

thats how i do it.

Defranco recomends taking shorter breaks during some of your easier/lighter sets especially since you won’t be doing many reps with these sets. Then when you start to get closer to your RM for the movemnent start to take longer rest periods. Make sure you are not doing high reps for your work up sets. If your shooting for lets say a 3RM, I would use more than 5 reps in any of your work up sets. Do more sets if you need to get your volume in.

Whoops…that should read if doing a 3RM you shouldn’t do more than 5 reps in any of your work up sets.