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How Long Should It Take to See Results?


Your body will still produce some DHEA and some preg even on TRT.

However, you’d want to test them to see if you’re lacking.

I know me personally my preg levels are way low on TRT, but my DHEA are low normal.

HCG only made me depressed it seems. I stopped taking it.


well i take 25MG every other day mon,wed etc of DHEA now roscoe88 and mostly 10mg Preg every 4 days or when ever. But i do 25MG DHEA every other day, i might stop now since i been doing it a good 2 & half weeks or 3 weeks now. and test it in blood


Well if you’re going to get tested, try testing it AFTER those supplements are out of your system to get a baseline.


Thanks for the Advice brother. will do @roscoe88


Do you not want to take HCG or why are you not on it?


There are different theories around the dhea. Some Drs like mine don’t think it’s useful unless levels are below range. They say it can cause e2 to go up b which I’ve read many times. So am not taking dhea so that I need another medication to control e2.

Mine was low normal and I feel really good.


@Charlie12 Brother tell your Doctor this. DHEA is very important & is no Point risking it go BELOW normal range while taking T.R.T because

DHEA levels peak around age 25 and then decline steadily. DHEA supplementation has been associated with increased Emotional Well-being and immune function. taken from Source drhyman.com a Doctor himself

I agree with DHEA & better immune function, makes sense. Plus i have zero Side effects on my dose i am taking, 25MG per day no more though.


I did not notice an increase in Estrogen after adding DHEA. I was taking 100mg daily and my DHEA increased too much … I have dropped to 100mg EOD for now.

There are multiple studies that contradict my results and say that DHEA does affect Estrogen.


Do you use anything else?


No. Just test. No ai or hcg.

Sometimes I pop a pregnenolone.

I do take over th counter supps like whey and multis. Oh and pde5s.


You take pregnenolone for energy and mood, or what?


It’s gives me a little mental clarity it seems. Words flow out of my mouth better.

Hard to explain.