How long should it take to regain libido after crashing T/E2 levels?

I went into more detail in a previous post (12 days ago) but to summarize: I was on TRT for almost a year and felt great, I was not educated on TRT so I thought stopping cold turkey for a few weeks would be fine (I went on a trip for three weeks). On week three off of TRT I felt horrible so I hopped back on immediately when I got back home. I was on TRT for two weeks again and out of nowhere my libido crashed to 0 (I have never had this issue no matter how low my T has been). I was on TRT for two more weeks and got bloods and my levels were all “fine” again. Tomorrow will be my 6th injection (6th week) back on TRT and my libido has barely improved if at all.

I must stress I had fine libido before TRT, during TRT and even when I quit TRT my libido was fine. My libido only crashed when I got back on TRT.

I also have some odd issues along with my low libido like my penis feeling “detached” or numb and my penis having less blood flow even when flaccid. What do you guys think I should do? I have heard that I should wait 6-10 weeks to reach homeostasis again and It should help my issues but I have noticed no gradual improvement even when being on TRT for 6 weeks now. Did I cause some sort of serious damage to my hormones that on paper look fine?

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