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How Long Should I Work Out


Im totally confused about how much I should be lifting for each bodypart. I do like 4 or 5 sets of 4 different excercises -like for chest ill do 5 sets of flat bench then 3 sets of close grip then 4 sets of cable pulls and then 4 sets on the fly machine or I might do dumbell flies. I saw this one guy who was huge and he spent like an hour just doing tricep excercises. Ive seen other really big guys doing tons of sets for one bodypart. I read that you shouldn't work out for more then like 47 minutes. Well what is the way to go? Thanks


It depends on how you train... most beneficial workout for newbies wanting to bulk is something like 3 days a week, full body every day, one set per body part, which is basically what even some advanced guys do (I think Chad Waterbury said that he did a full body routine 3 days a week even now).

You can go really hardcore bodybuilder and train something like 5 days a week, split up into something like chest, back, bis/tris, legs, shoulders, and you could end up doing an hours worth of just chest exercises.

Regardless, from what I hear, and from what I experienced myself, it's best to limit your workouts to under an hour. 30-45 minutes works best for me.


I think you meant one exercise per body part?


Read the article are you a beginner. that's a great place to start


That's a new one on me. I'd like to know the source, if you can remember. The general rule, as Maftei said, is try to keep it under an hour. If you're consistently working out for over 90 minutes, your program needs some streamlining.

4 or 5 sets of 4 exercises is textbook bodybuilder fluff. Not horrendous, but there are better ways. More often than not, you can be better served by spending your attention and energy on fewer exercises, with more sets of each. But again, it depends a bit on your exact training goals.


47 minutes?

Someone's been reading Body For Life!

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At exactly 42 minutes, 35 seconds, 82 nanoseconds and one picosecond, your blood testosterone will plummet.



I shoot for less than an hour of weights, and around 1/2 hour or less of cardio/ energy systems work.

... and both testicles have exploded. Twice.

Dan "tha eunuch" McVicker