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How Long Should I Wait For Test to Wear Off?

Hi guys,
I’d be most grateful for your help.
30+ yo, 6ft 2in, 210 pounds, BFP about 11%, started using Testosterone cypionate 250mg once a week for 12 weeks, feeling quite unwell with headaches and hot flushes so I’ve decided to come off of testosterone for now.
Considering that my last injection was a week ago, how long do you think I’m expected to experience those side effects? I know no one can tell me that precisely, but please could someone tell me approximately how long is it going to last?

I’m no expert on cycle but everything you explained is how I feel for the first 2-3 weeks every time I increase my trt. How many weeks in are you

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Thanks for the reply mate. It’s my 2nd week. Do you think I should reconsider my decision to come off of it? Do you think that there are chances to start feeling normal after the initial 2 or 3 weeks?