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How Long Should Cabergoline Be Ran For?

Some say 6 weeks, some say 6 months. I am a little confused.

It’s pretty toxic and can increase risk of heart valve disease at the higher doses. So as short as you can and with as low of a dose as you can. I assume you’re taking it because you want to run a tren or nand cycle. You only need to take it for as long as you’re taking those steroids.

Caber is the last resort treatment for high prolactin. If it’s so high that nothing else works then you use it. But not for an extended period of time. If someone told you to use it for six months then feel free to ignore every single thing they say for the rest of your life. That’s like a guaranteed way to fuck up your brain and get into serious addiction territory.

I have been using it since tren sides post cycles were destroying me. ED, agression, acne, etc. I have ran it for about 8 weeks now at .5mg e3d and It is causing anxiety now.

Would this be enough of a timeline or should I go longer?

What does your blood work say your prolactin is? The longer you use it the worse the DAWS will be. And again, almost nobody actually needs to use it. There’s a small fraction of 19-nor users who get prolactin so bad that P5P alone won’t handle it. Eight weeks post cycle is flat out insanity. There’s no clinical explanation for why someone needs to reduce prolactin after they’ve ceased to use a drug that was the source of said prolactin. Pretty much every side you have is going to be because of what you’re doing now vs actual tren, especially eight weeks later.

I read multiple times that caber would reduce prolactin levels if they are messed up after your cycle.

Also incase I have crashed / significantly lowered my prolactin levels, how long would recovery usually take?

But they shouldn’t be messed up after your cycle. There’s some lag between when you stop using tren and when your prolactin gets back to normal, but it’s not eight weeks and it’s certainly not eight weeks while taking caber.

I noticed you punted on the blood work question, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that you haven’t bothered to get it done. Look, it’s your body and you can fuck it up as much as you want. I’m very libertarian in that regard. But take some advice from a stranger who has no stake in what happens to you: be responsible with your use of these drugs. Nobody here is perfect, but the goal of this place is to help reduce harm. It seems like you’ve been given a lot of questionable advice and then paired that with a somewhat lackadaisical relationship to blood work and data. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary side effects. And to answer your other question, you absolutely must not attempt to raise your prolactin at this time. You need blood work that tells you what’s actually going on. Otherwise you’ll keep guessing and chances are good you’ll end up doing more harm than good. Stop what you’re doing, get blood work, and come back here and post it. Guys will be happy to help interpret it for you and make any suggestions as to what you should or should not be doing. If you skip that step you’re driving drunk and blindfolded. It rarely ends well my man. Nobody wants to see that happen.


I have contacted multiple doctors regarding blood work. They all either want me to come off, or just claim they know nothing about the subject.

I live in Canada, is there any private blood labs I can contact?

Also do you think after 8 weeks I will experience DAWS if I stop using it? What are DAWS like?