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How Long Should a Workout Take?

I heard an hour is too long, but what would be too short? Or what would be the best time period it should take to complete a workout?



It depends on what you are doing…An hour is not too long just don’t go much longer

If it takes you 45 minutes it takes you that long, if it takes you an hour, it takes you that long. Just go in and get your work done, then get out of there.


I have always liked to keep my workouts between 30 and 60 min. I feel that this offers the best chance of having a productive workout. I can accomplish 15 to 30 sets, (depending upon how I am training at the time).

So would a half hour be too short?

from what i have read on this site, i think a good workout would be between 40-60 min. you get your second wind at 20-25 min so 30 min would be too short. but never work out longer then an hour. mine are generarly between 50-60 min workouts, but it depends on your program. dont rush things and dont take too long and you will be fine.


I can take you through a 15 minute workout that will seem way to long to you!

hahah i love the blanket statement “30mins is too short”. Someone forgot to tell my body that. HAHAHa

This also depends on how hard you are working out.

I have seen some ppl that would need to be in the gym all damn day to get a credible w/o.

If you are getting in there and doing it right I would sasy to try and keep it at an hour or less.

Personally right now I am trying out the whole idea of training each body part three times a week so I am doing 4 breif w/o’s that are 1/2hr in length(2 upper 2 lower) but very effective. Then I have two w/o’s that are 1 hr long.

So, yes you can get a good w/o in a short amount of time. Like Zeb said, and I believe it, that he could put you through one heel of a w/o in 15 mins.


Workout arrangement can make a huge difference in your time as well. I usually superset or tri-set my exercises to save time, especially strength training when longer rest become important.

There were times when my workouts were almost 2 hours long. They were WAY too long for me, and I found by cutting down my rest times and sets, I grew ALOT faster and got more lean. So an hour is perfect for me.

It also depends on the body parts at work. Large muscles, such as back and legs will take much more time to do because of all the extra sets required. For example, my biceps workout might only be 10 sets where my back workout is a total of 21 sets. Obviously, the back workout would take much more longer to do.

I’ve also done workouts within 20 minutes. I call these my blood volume/pump workouts, which all consist of many MANY drop sets, with hardly any rest. The ache and pump the next day is unreal.

I read an article about some soviet olympic lifter. He said he works out 6 hours a day 3 days a week and 4 hours a day 3 days a week. So I think it really depends on what you’re doing.

I think Il Cazzo is right, blanket statements like this can make people focus on the wrong things. The amount of time a given session takes to complete is a function of the exercises you use, set and rep scheme, rest periods, etc… It’s incidental i.e. don’t worry about it…

My take is that effective goal setting and record keeping will tell you fairly quickly whether or not a program is working. Don’t scrap an effective program because it doesn’t fit into somebody’s time window…by the same token if you can’t lift more than you could two months ago, your program sucks, even though you spend exactly forty five minutes in the gym every other day. Big picture!

how long? Just follow my guide:

jerk using the equipment as a rest-station =120mins

some ‘know-it-all’ giving you advice =90mins

butthole hogging all the dumbbells =70mins

empty gym with none of the above =60mins


.985643245645981 hrs.

Some of the latest studies are showing favourable results with a maximum of 0.8 minutes per kg/lbm. So if you weight 90kg and have a lean mass of 80kg(175lbs), then you should train for no more than 64 min. max.

Seriously loopfitt?

my cousin is currently training 6 hours per day.
i have trainined up to 4.5 hours per day and as little as 15 minute per day. It depend what you want out of your training.