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How Long Should a 2A "Slog" Through a Program?

Let’s say that a type 2A trainee is running a program or block of training that is pretty neurologically monotonous, like say a program with linear progression like a) starting strength 3 times a day, or b) a 6 x 6 density training routine.

When it starts to be neurologically “boring” after 2-3 weeks, but the trainee is still progressing-increasing weights on program a or decreasing rest periods on program b, how long do you like to try to have them eek out progress from that routine that has become neurologically boring?

Or should they try to plan to change their training before it hits that point even if they are running 2-3 week blocks maximum.

Usually weeks 4-5 on a routine will start to get neurologically boring for me, but I get adaptations in those last couple of weeks, and it makes the change to a new routine even more refreshing, but on the downside, I don’t enjoy those last 2 weeks the same way-more like putting something in the bank for later enjoyment.

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I would actually not put a 2 through that type of program at all. In any case they normally should change their training after 3 weeks


Would you say that the whole point of neurotyping is to avoid “slogging” through any program or workout? Its to align your profile with your program so that not workouts are fun, exciting, motivating, and thus productive, right?

If that’s true, then if you are slogging through them, wouldn’t that mean you are on the wrong program/profile and might consider trying training like a different type?

That is really my question. Let’s say you use built for bad or a high frequency strength program and after 3 weeks you have progressed but your losing motivation. Is it worth squeezing a little more progress out at that point?

I see your point though. Neither of those routines I mentioned first have enough variation within workouts or as the program progresses to work for a type 2 in the first place. One might use 6x6 for an exercise but not a 6x6 program.

How do you find what type you are? I’m curious to see where I fall in this scale

Check out CTs nuero typing articles on this site, and his ThibArmy site.

The one on T-nation is not to my liking. It was written when I was still developing the system. You can do a search on Google… thibarmy neurotype and you can find videos about all 5 neurotypes

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Thanks. I’ll check it out