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How Long On MAG-10


How long can you take MAG-10?

I'm wondering if I can take it for 3 weeks? Or can I take it for 6 weeks with little side effects?



You could take it for as long as you like. Just treat it like any other anabolic with regards to PCT. I've done multiple 2, 3 and 4 weekers with it. Personally, I liked the 3 week cycles the most. Good gains with very little suppression. A sound, general rule of thumb is to double your off weeks before going back on. IE: 3 weeks on, 6 weeks off, repeat. A little conservative but works very well. Altough, if you have 6 weeks worth try what I did last year and make outstanding gains:

3 months total. 2 weeks on (1 ser. Mag10/day)followed by 2 weeks off (Alpha Male/M combo). Repeat for a total of three cycles.


Then I'm going to do it for 6 weeks. When I come off do I take the max dose of Alpha Male for 2 weeks straight and the max dose of M?

14 days of Alpha?
14 days of M?


Well you could run it for 6 weeks straight if you wanted to but what I was recommending was that you do 3 back-to-back 4 week cycles. Each of these cycles would consist of 2 weeks Mag10 followed by 2 weeks Alpha Male/M combo. For a grand total of 3 months worth of anabolic mayhem. Make sense?

BTW, when I say Alpha Male/M combo I mean 5 days Alpha Male and 2 days M a week.


double dose for 3 weeks. walk into the gym and lift the biggest weight you can find...repeat. eat like a pig. the end.


I would second -three week cycles- (double dose worked well for me)
No suppression and good gains. Eat a lot and eat clean.