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How Long On Indigo Before You Can Scale Back?

Quick Q: How long do you need to be on Indigo before you see God? Uhm, I meant to say, before you can lower the dose from 12 caps a day? I helped my gf to get a job she wanted and she promised to treat me to 2 containers of Indigo, oh boy, am I excited…I am hoping to lower the dose having used two containers to make it somewhat more affordable. Any thoughts? Or would I better off stacking up on the new Anaconda and FINiBARs?

6-12 weeks, which means 3-6 bottles. After that you can easily reap the benefits on 4 caps a day, which is less than a bottle per month.

As far as peri-workout goes, I’d start with Anaconda and MAG-10. FINiBARs are awesome, but I wouldn’t count them among the basics.


Cheers BiP, I am looking forward to trying the new Anaconda as it doesn’t seem to have any extra leucine in it. Did you notice a big difference after the first month on Indigo?

The current incarnation doesn’t have added leucine either.

Can’t remember exactly when I noticed the greatest results, but it was probably within the 5-10 week period or so.


I’m pretty sure there used to be additional leucine in either MAG-10 or Anaconda…SWF did contain some too.

The old versions of MAG-10 and Anaconda contained added leucine, the new don’t.

SWF currently contains added leucine.

that’s interesting seeing how anabolic leucine allegedly is

Well, my guess is that it’s not necessary in the current formulation due to the specific di- and tripeptides included. If you look at the current structured peptides version of Biotest leucine it doesn’t contain free form leucine either, just the right di- and tripeptides.