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How long "off" before going back "on"?

Hey guys just wondered what the minimum amount of time “off” would be without doing any permanant damage.

I was thinking that 3 weeks would be a bare minimum and even better would be to have as much time off as you were “on”.

Any thoughts on this guys?

Could I get away with 4 weeks “off” and then going back without doing any permanant damage?

thanks guys

Did I miss something? Off of what? Androsol, T2, working out, etc???

Johnny, what the hell are you talking about?

sounds like a post for the roids board.

I decoded his message, he means a steroid cycle! You’re in the wrong section of the forum, this should be asked in the steroids and other drugs section. Anyways, the correct answer is when your natural testostone levels are back to their normal range. You would need to do a blood test prior to starting a cycle to figure out what your “normal” natural testosterone levels are (250-1000 ng/dl is considered normal). Then after your cycle, when you think you’re back to normal (generally 4-10 weeks after your cycle–depending on it’s length and your genetics), have another blood test to verify that you truly are. Most people don’t want to go through these blood tests, so a rule of thumb is that you should be off at least as long as your cycle was, preferably double. You should only try to make your time “off” shorter than your time “on” if you’re willing to test your recovery through testosterone level blood tests.

if it concerns 'roids go to the other forum. and be a bit more specific if you want answers.

“Off” what? I assume Vitamin S…check the other side of the forum Johnny.