How Long Off After Long Blast?

Hey all - so I’m leaving this up to some of the other experienced users here. I have basically taken a two year blast of tren and test with tren being around 3-400 and test being around 200. By my standards this is fairly weak but the duration was long. I am staying on test for life at this point (37 years old) Bloods are all in line. I’m torn as to sensitivity in androgen receptors and part of my own clinical experience in this field has shown it to be a crapshoot. Based on the length of what I’m coming off, how long do you guys think I should stay off before hopping back on? Also previously to those two years I used test and eq mostly in a blast and cruise style. I am 6’ 228 around 8-9. Those are my legs in the avatar haha. So leanness isn’t an issue. Thanks in advance. I also wonder if cruising now at 200 is even enough

You need to get blood work done to check health indicators are in safe range.

All done and all good

How was your hematocrit after two years? Did you have to give blood?

Funny enough with the frequency of my health checks during cycle (blood tests every three months which removed only about 150ml) I never went out of range haha