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How Long Is 'Post' Cycle?

So, now that I am coming off of what I think has been a very successful but pretty long cycle, I have a few questions for you gentlemen.

Here is what I have been doing: around 4 months of test prop at 700mgs/w along with tren at the beginning and mast at the end, as well as some dbol at the beginning and a very short bit of halotest at the end just before my show.

I’m officially off cycle now, and I know that I should start to take it easy with the workouts. Heavy, lower reps, shorter sets, lower overall volume. No problem. The thing is, I think I overdid this last time by taking it too easy for too long. I was using the stasis/taper (as I am this time), and I assumed “post-cycle” is 3 months, because that’s how long it takes to get through the stasis taper. But then I got to thinking about it. Most guys PCT only lasts a month or so, and that is considered the post cycle period. With the test taper, though, the hormonal changes (specifically the release of cortisol) is going to occur in a different timeframe (or manner) than it would with a traditional nolva/clomid PCT.

So here is my question: Should I start ramping up volume a little sooner this time around? For example, I take 6 weeks easy, then start slowly increasing volume and overall time in the gym after that? Or am I better off just taking an entire three months of low volume work and focus on something else during that time? My instincts tell me that I’ll be okay after a month or so to start moving things forward again, but I would like to hear from guys more experienced than I am.

And just to really mess everything up. I’m receiving a free vial each of IGF-1 lr3 and PEG-MGF both of which I planned to apply post cycle :slight_smile:


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You are also coming off some pretty hard dieting which might add to the need for a change in routine. Still, you want to go by feel. You are an experienced enough lifter to know when your recovery is beginning to suffer. That might be the time to change up the routine rather than with a preemptive strike.

Not that I have any real advice to offer, just seems to make sense.

id always have to agree with training instinctively. but thats just how i roll

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I don’t know if this is termed instinct or not but just listen to you body. More specifically watch your progress if you’re growing, lift numbers are increasing and no injuries you’re fine; if not re-evaluate. I’m in stasis right now myself and I just tweaked my groin. I know I’m pushing too much for where I’m at endocrine-wise. So I need to back it down a gear; whether I can or not remains to be seen but at least I now I need to :wink:

I haven’t yet mastered the art of PCT so I can’t really offer much advice…I would agree with these guys though. basically don’t train to failure is what i plan on.

PCT during the stasis is a fine line to walk. I too am mid stasis and have backed down my volume a little. But at the same time I have come off a strict diet from the Summer. I have bumped up my calories and carbs and my lifts are feeling very good. I really want to start going up with intensity but I know that now is not the time. I will just maintain during my OCT as I know this is best for myself in the long run.

After my 3 month PCT is over I will take another 6 weeks of natural training before I hit my winter bulking cycle. If I can maintain my levels now up until Dec. 1 then I will be more than ready to hit it real fucking hard this winter!