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How Long is Phase 2 in Scrawny to Brawny?

This is a question about the book scrawny to brawny by John Berardi. how long is phase 2 of training supposed to last?


as long as it takes u to go from one to the other

I used to have the book; I gave it to the library because all the nutrition information can be found online and those workouts weren’t for me. The nutrition section alone is worth the price of the book, in my opinion.

If I recall correctly, each phase lasts for one month.

ok thx. and why weren’t those workouts for u?

Well, at this point of my fitness lifestyle, I wouldn’t say they have no application for me.

I wasn’t “scrawny” at the time i bought the book; that was 4 years ago and I was 230 pounds at the time and at an advanced stage of training. So full-body workout weren’t for me at the time. I bought the book because I’m a huge fan of Dr. Berardi and I wanted to mostly read the nutrition section.

I think the book is great for a beginner.