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How long is flax oil good?

I have half a bottle left of Barleans flax oil that I haven’t taken for about 6 months as I switched to fish oils but I’m looking to incorporate it back into my diet.

The "Fresh Pressed" date is Jun 02 and the "Freshest Before" date is Oct 02. Is it still good or do I need to chuck it? It doesn't smell any different.

Hi, BS. Flaxseed oil is not that expensive. Just dump it. Barleans is a quality product. The date is there for your protection. No, it may not smell bad or even taste bad, but the problem with flaxseed oil is that it is an extremely fragile fatty acid, one that oxidizes easily when exposed to sunlight, oxygen or heat. When damaged or past the expiration date, what should do you good either does you NO good or turns the corner and starts to do you harm.

BTW, in case you didn’t know it, don’t EVER cook with your flaxseed oil.

BTW #2, you do keep it in the refrigerator, don’t you?
BTW #3, it’s a GREAT supplement to take on a daily basis. (grin)

Thanks TT. So I guess flax oil has a shelf life of 5 months then. Yes, I always keep it in the fridge.

And LOL. No, I never cook with it. It's nasty enough gaging it down.

Hey, BS, try making a salad dressing with your flaxseed oil. I’ve got a great recipe; it’s made with fresh herbs (basil), parsley and garlic, some lemon juice and Splenda. You won’t be gagging THAT down. You can even pour the “dressing” over a chicken breast or salmon (after it’s cooked, of course) for flavor. It’s yummy!

Other ideas, I pour flaxseed oil over my eggs, chicken breasts and tuna. I never take it straight. Not man enough. (grin)

Hey BS, An open bottle of flax should be consumed within 6 weeks. That would be for optimum freshness. I’m sure it would still be ok for a few weeks after that.

Thanks for the input guys!