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How Long In Between Cycles?

I have trained naturally since I was 16 and at 24 made the decision to go on a cycle. I’m currently on 400 mg of test and 40 mg of Winstrol ed. 6 weeks in, and I’m getting great results but have two weeks left and am getting depressed about coming off and doing a pct. At 24 years old, how long should I wait in between my next cycle as I want to start back up asap?

If you are running long ester test then 10-12 weeks is more typical to maximize results. I won’t comment on the Winny first cycle. Time off is a personal choice. Lab work can help you determine if you are back to baseline. I take it you are not on TRT and plan to PCT? I usually take at least 3 months off.

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Drugs are addicting. Be careful you don’t get stuck in the mindset that you need them to function because that is extremely hard to break on your own for some.

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Should I cut the winny 8 weeks in and run test the next 4 weeks?

I was exaggerating when I say depressed lol. Ive just heard most gains are lost after cycle

I only run orals 6 weeks max personally so I would cut it soon and extend the test yes. Wait 3-4 weeks after your last pin and then start PCT. Expect to lose about half of the lbs gained but it’s just what happens.

I’ve always wondered, though wouldn’t be willing to try this out myself, what would be the effects of say, low dose orals over a prolonged period of time

Say to cut you ran 10-15mg winny daily for 8-10 weeks instead of 4-6 at 25-50mg daily? Does it work? It’s less straining on ones lipids that’s for sure

I actually just wouldn’t ever run winny full stop

The toxicity + lipid destruction + reputation for causing joint pain… just… no

Anavar… that’s a different story entirely, if I had legit var I’d def be comfortable trying 20mg daily for a couple/few weeks (2-3 weeks)… but anavar is expensive, can get legitimate anavar… for like 250-300$ for 50-100 25mg tablets… just no…

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1 or 2 cycles a year is the most I would do unless you are on trt.

Time off = time on + pct