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How Long Have You Been "Out of Action" During PCT?

Hi all,

Going to start my PCT in 3 weeks time, last time I didnt have sex with my GF for about 3 weeks or even if I tried it would just go soft. What is the longest period of time you couldnt have sex for during PCT?

I am currently in PCT since 6 days

So far thankfully i have 0 libido decrease

It is as it is during cycle

So i think it is a lot depended on what compounds did you use and individual genetics

Didnt you say that there was basically no effects during your cycle just a minor progression in lifting strength like normal. So much so that many people have agreed that your gear most likely wasnt real. Now coming off the gear you feel the same as you did during the cycle with no decrease in libido or other completely normal and expected post cycle effects.

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Man you don’t follow what i say and come talk some nonsense

Go check out my messages and you will see how many times I have mentioned the most obvious effect of cycle was libido increase. Significant increase since start

And still it exists how hard it is to understand

There is no chance my sustanon was fake because I have directly purchased from pharmacy in Turkey. Multiple pharmacies. Basically I went over and purchased how many they have. None of them had 24 at once.

Also I did make blood test and testesterone level was 4 5 times of my pre cycle

Can we stay on topic please?

Everyone has a different pct experience. Generally speaking if your someone who suffers from low T symptoms during pct (because you have no T in you) then the symptoms should subside when your natural production starts back up.

This is generally starting by the end of your pct so week 4.

As for @monstermmorpg if we’re to understand that your testosterone was real which I’m gonna assume it was if you say you had your bloods drawn then there is simply 2 things wrong

1)your diet (which we already established in past post
2)your training sucks.

Its impossible for someone of your size (failry lean and slightly muscular) to not gain like crazy UNLESS their diet and training sucks. Or the testosterone is fake. Which you say it is not so I’m inclined to believe you.

Sorry for upsetting you

thanks bud