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How Long Have You Been on TRT?

Hopefully Looking for people who have been on it 20 plus years. I’m starting at 29 and want to live a long and happy rest of my life. How has it been for you?

I doubt you will find too many 20 plus years users. It just wasn’t being done that often. I’ve been on for over 10 and have experienced all the ups and downs of ignorant doctors and weeks between treatment and estrogen sides. Thanks to this website and @KSman and others, I’m in control of my own treatment and feel awesome.

An 41 just started a few months ago. I asked my dr your question. He said in Florida many old men are on it. Can’t verify. But guess what defy is in Florida. Probably not an accident.

12 years here.

The health implications of low-T are cumulative and and get worse with time/age as this accelerates/creates many aspects of physical and mental aging.

Anyone on TRT 20 years ago was probably having things done horribly wrong. So you really do not want a perspective from that time frame.

yeah, i figured maybe there was people from the 70s that either blasted and cruised or just were on a low dosage but I guess not…i’m just trying to get a sense of how long people have been on and how there health is.

KSman, off topic, but Ive been taking iodized salt this whole week. Definitely feel like I have a bit more energy and focus. Maybe placebo. Need to get further thyroid tests soon though.

Well you are in a much better time to start this protocol. We may know more in 20 years about TRT but you’re coming in at good point.