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How long have you been lifting?

I was wondering after reading the posts about how much each person could lift, how long have you been lifting? How many years have you devoted to the iron catherdral? The first time I lifted was when I was 12 years old. I did it for almost a year. Gave up and had been on an off every few years till I hit 23. Ive been lifting for two straight years. Hardcore the last year and nothing is going to make me stop from lifting. Its in me for good. That and I spent over 1 G in equipment for my home lol.

I lifted when I was in my late teens and didn’t lift at all through my 20s (hiked and jogged during this period). I started lifting again 3 years ago but didn’t get serious until one year ago. When I started back up (3 years ago), I could only bench the olymp. bar with 50lbs on it–it was embarassing. I plateaued for a while (benching 135 lbs) since my only goal at that time was to stay fit and relatively toned. When I decided to get serious (last Oct), I started going to the gym 6 days a week with a focus on all body parts (except legs since my legs had always been big from my sprinting days in highschool). I also started a disciplined and adequate nutrition program. That’s when the gains in strength and size began.

I have been lifting for about 1.5 year and I am currently training for my very first powerlifting competition. Now that I have changed my lifestyle from being a lazy bastard and somewhat over weight, I could never go back to that. The lifting is in my blood and soul.

8 years, though the first two were rather shitty, ie upper body only

25 years.

Let’s see, I started when I was 16 on a program called “Massive Muscles In 10 Weeks.” I did the entire 10 weeks, plus a couple more and then stopped. I started again when I got into college for about a year or so, then stopped again. Trained off and on after that and about 6 months ago decided to get serious about it again. Found T-mag which eventually led me to Coach Davies and I haven’t looked back since. Now I can’t imagine life without it.

15 years

8 years. im 18 …started training at 10. Pretty consistant. Just breaks in inseason during sports. I still maintained but i was only training 1-2X’s a week. When out of season ive never been off.

I’ll be 22 in May and I have been lifting since 8th grade. My dad, who is very devoted, first got me into to it. Later though I found it gave me an egde in sports, partticuarly football. The major changes came during my freshman year to junior year of football. My coach demanded four things from us in the weight room: heavy bench, heavy clean, heavy squat, and heavy deads. Respectivly, my senior year maxes at 215, 5’11 were: 300, 280, 405, and 525. I won a few competitions throughout HS, so that sparked my love for training. After I went to college though I finally added the missing ingredient: diet. The results were astounding. I went from 215 with about 21% Bf to about 180 with 6% Bf. After this massive cut, which was about 2 years ago now, I am just trying to maintain a respectable Bf level becuase I naturally am a fattie, and while doing this I’m trying to get my strength back up to par. Right now, I’m about 197 and about 12-13%. Sir Softalot, really. But my workouts are much more productive at this bodyfat level. Ultimate goals: through lifetime training, get up to about 235 LBM (don’t want to get monsterous, though could most?). Very attainable, even for a natural lifter.