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How long have u lifted weights?

Out of immense curiousity,how long have u all been training? For me,it’s been more than a yr…I’ve learned the most from T-mag than any other source.

 I started training seriously with weights in the summer of
 1976. My first training knowledge came from IRONMAN mag,
 which used to be the size of Readers Digest, and from MUSCLE
 & FITNESS. Due to the influence of these mags, I over-trained
 horribly for well over a decade!

I was a fairly serious olympic style lifter for 4 years in the early 60’s. Bob Hoffman with his Strength and Health magazine was the largest publication at the time. Weider was just getting started. Then took a 20 year vacation and started back at age 39. I have been steady for the last 17 years but the last 2 have been the most productive. I used to do 20 plus sets per bodypart! Now I do 6 to 9 with lower reps and the growth has been amazing. Its too bad T-Mag wasn’t around 40 years ago to save me a lot of wasted time but I reckon I have socks older than Tim Patterson is!

I’ve been at it six years. Learned the most and had the most progress in the last couple thanks in part to T-mag!

About 3 years… I’m 20 now. But like most everybody here… I’ve seen the best gains since I found biotest and this magazine. The previous issues and this forum are all anybody needs to get their ass & mind in shape.

The more I read here,the more inspired I am by yawl’s dedication.Good job guys…come on the rest of u all,share up! :slight_smile:

I started lifting weights when I turned 15 on my dad’s request. I’m now 20 years old. I used the Arthur Jones/Robert MacIntyre stile of training for my first 2 years. Gained a lot of muscle using that system. I’m one of the old muscle media 2000 readers.

Almost 4.5 years now… started off with BFS …then Husker power through HS…then got brinwashed by HIT…now i’m getting my shit togthe aain…but its tough

I started lifting when i was 12 on a knock off soloflex. then started weight training to play football. then to look purdy. then to cheerlead. im now 22.

I first lifted back when I was fifteen for about nine months but had to stop because I had to work all of the time, got big too I was fifteen and people thought I was nineteen so that makes it that much more sad. Now I am nineteen and have been lifting heavy since June, but I really got into a year ago, wanted to lose weight so did a lot of cardio, bad idea, the wrong diet, and didnt do enough weight training so I lost a lot of muscle. After I started reading T-mag though I have a completely better grasp on training all around, and I will do this the rest of my life. Hope Testosterone is around for that long because all of the other mags sucks ass, stick around guys, because we dont need anymore bullshit mags around.

Started at 16, 7 years back. First two years didn’t gain at all. About three years in learned to squat. Currently Im 40 lbs heavier with less fat than my senior year in high school.

I’ve been lifting about 4 years now. Spent the first couple of years lost in the world weider, a brief period of Tom Platz ‘Big Beyond Belief’, overtrained beyond belief more like it! Dabled with a bit of Doriens training before doing a bit of HIT. Since i stumbled across T-mag (a couple of months ago) i’ve been trying to figure out which workout to do first. I decided to get rid of the few extra pounds i’m carrying before i started a bulking phase so i’m doing the T-dawg diet (week 3 now) and a more aerobic weight routine (can’t remember what it was called, German Body Comp or something like that). Anyway, T-mag has increased my motivation, knowledge and ultimately will increase my LBM as well. Thanks for the ‘tell it like it is’ approach guys!

I am 38 and have been lifting for about 5 years. Dabbled in it off and on before that. Had two herniated discs in my lower back and started lifting after surgery & physical therapy. Started growing and got addicted. Now I am 40 pounds heavier and BF only up 1-2%. (I was distnce runner before the surgery.)