How Long for Whey Isolate to Digest?

I often hear people say that you should eat carbs and whey right after a workout. As far as I know it takes at least 4 hours for most proteins to leave your stomach and move into your stomach.

Doesn’t it make sense to eat before and after you workout? The food you eat before you workout will be the food that your body immediately uses after your workout.

After, about an hour some food will be in the intestines, but almost all will be gone in 4 hours. Where in our bodies does the food need to be to benefit of the most? Does it need to be in the blood stream 30 minutes after the workout? What is the answer?

The food you eat after you workout will not be available in time to fuel your body in immediate post work out recovery.

Good question. Absolutely makes perfect sense to each before and after you workout. A good preworkout meal will cancel out the need for any magical “peri” workout shake. You are looking at about 30 min to an hour for whey iso to be in bloodstream getting aminos to muscles that can use them. Sandwiching training with protein and carbs within one hour on each side of training will be perfect to keep a steady stream of aminos and carbs in blood to replentish muscle glycogen and jumpstart protein synthesis.

google the" boire study on protein digestion " you’ll find out all you want there .
whey digests at about 10g/hour .
whole food pro at about 4g/hour and casien much longer but when you eat with other foods it all changes any way .