How Long For The Testosterone Enanthate To Show Results?

I was wondering your experiences with test e. I got some from a buddy of mine and I’m pretty sure its legit. I am doing 500 mg a week. 250 every three days. I’m into week five or six and i haven’t seen anything super noticeable. I was wondering, how long did it take you to really start seeing results and what should I expect. Also if anyone has heard of Norse oils?

Probably around about now.

“Haven’t seen anything super noticeable” Well you definitely should have noticed an effect by now, have you at the very least seen any increase in pumps or the “increased ntirogen retention look” then your gear is bunk or underdosed, are you over doing the AI? . Just because you’re pretty sure it’s legit doesn’t mean it is, get a blood test and see where your at.

Well Im definately noticing the increase in pumps and heavier weight too and i could be overdoing the AI and actually i may jusyt drop the AI and see if i still need it later I am doing 25mg on the the days that I pin

I felt 250 mg after about 2 days. So, drop the AI and see.


First cycle I didn’t notice anything until around week 8. Every other cycle is usually around week 6/7. In my experience you don’t really feel too different, but you should notice something in the gym.

I recently ran a 500mg test E cycle with some dbol as a kickstarter and I noticed the compound kicking in at week 4. Remember, the longer the ester the longer active life it has so it takes longer to kick in because your body doesn’t break it down as fast, that’s why some love short esters. If it’s not bunk you will see some significant gains as long as your diet and training is right.

Just an update I think I was just being impatient I went from benching 180 to 255 in one month what the fuck

Why are you on test if you couldn’t bench over 180lbs? I’m not judging because I know alot of people hop on with little to no knowledge, but please be smart and make sure you have a proper pct protocol all set up.If you don’t have PCT you are in for one hell of an emotional ride when you come off your cycle. Also, remember it’s a turtle race not NASCAR. After you finish this cycle take a long break and make sure you build a solid foundation before hopping on again for your bodies sake.


I do have proper pct lined up and I have been training on and off for about three years. To be honest I wanted to get back in shape after about two months off I was benching 215 before my break but work took my time up so I lost a bit that is why I jumped so fast and why my bench was so low

These sentences don’t add up. 250 mg every three days works out to 583 mg a week, not 500 mg a week.

I don’t think that really matters

600 mg is different from 500 mg per week. Your dose is closer to the latter.

You are not at risk of different sides at that dose, but for the context of this post (not feeling results), the fact that your dose is larger than 500 mg/week, is relevant.

Also, for future cycles this type of math is critical to understand.

Edit - meant to say former.

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Ok duly noted

I will keep this in mind I am very new to this but the last few days I feel awesome I think it is starting to kick in for sure

With testosterone, no big deal. With something like slin and it could be your worst mistake.

Still I don’t know your stats but even a 215 bench is pretty low for a gear user that’s why i’m telling you to take your time. Proper nutrition and your natural T levels could easily push you to repping 225lbs on flat. the issue is time. That’s why I can’t really judge, but recommend being as safe as possible. I understand not everyone wants to wait, and there’s pros and cons. Good luck and I hope you sky rocket to 315 bench!

My stats are 6’1” 185 lbs not sure how much body fat but really not much. I guess this cycle was more of a confidence booster over anything. It was planned out for me by a friend of mine who is very experienced with all of this. He actually wouldn’t let me do anything crazy because originally I wanted to start off with like three different compounds and he put that to sleep real quick. So I have done the research and I have a good backing. Maybe I could have waited but here I am now, and I like what it is doing for me. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

You feel awesome after you completely dropped your AI?

In my experience 500mg a week I think you should of felt a huge difference. Like someone said above I felt a huge difference after only taking 200 a week like a couple days after I pinned my energy skyrocketed. I also was suffering from low T though so that could be why I noticed such a drastic difference.

Also just curious you said your taking 25mg of AI?? If that’s Arminidex I have heard you should be taking like .5 to 1mg at max so I would make sure your doing your dosages correctly.