How Long for Test to Return to Normal?

Been on TRT for 2 years and decided to do a 10 wk blast. (400mg/wk cypionate) Need to know how long before I can go and get my regular blood work done and expect “normal” ranges again. After the 10 wks I am going right back on my TRT dose of 100mg/wk (spaced out EOD) Arimidex and HCG as well.
Just dont want to set of any red flags for my Doc

I am in the same situation. I took an entire week off then went back to my maintenance dose of 100mg’s per week after the week off. In 3 weeks I had my bloodwork done and my test was in the 900’s. No problems.

Discontinue for 2 weeks then start your current protocol again. You SHOULD be at around your 100 mg/week range after that 2 week period. If you want to be conservative, give it a month.

Thanks for the replies BUT taking 2 weeks off is going to leave me feeling pretty crappy…I thought I would just go right back to my TRT protocol and doses after my last week of the blast is over. I’m thinking wait a month after that to the labs…I do shots EOD and not getting any test for 2 weeks is going to leave me feeling really shitty.

Why on earth would you think that taking 2 weeks off would leave you crappy, when your hormone levels for those two weeks would be HIGHER than they are while you are on TRT? Your logic makes no sense. What are you basing your opinion on?

I gave you the answer that would, mathematically AND biologically, get you to your TRT baseline the quickest (and I’ll point out while still maintaining serum T levels ABOVE your TRT baseline). You are welcome to disregard the advice if you would like and instead run your own “protocol” (despite having absolutely no mathetmatical/biological reason for doing so) but why the fuck did you even post this asking what you should do?

The reason I do shots every other day is to keep my test levels balanced…no spikes and no valleys. Once a week shots have been proven to be less effective than twice a week or every other day shots. That’s a fact. So IF I go with your “advice” I will have gone without any test for 2 weeks…thus feeling like crap. Anyone that does TRT knows that they start to feel less “well” a week after their shot so 2 weeks would make you feel like shit. Why are all the good Docs out their recommending EOD or twice a week shots then?

Thx so much for your advice .

I probably know more about TRT than anyone else on this forum–if I remember corretly I helped you get your protocol set up over in the TRT forum. So please spare me the lectures on what you think you know about TRT, because you are probably just paraphrasing thins I’ve told you in the past lol

I will have gone without any test for 2 weeks…Anyone that does TRT knows that they start to feel less “well” a week after their shot…[/quote]

NO SHIT GENIUS! But we aren’t talking about TRT here, we are talking about coming back down from superphysiological doses of Testosterone in your blood!

You do understand that after injecting, the T is subject to a half life and doesn’t just go in and out of your body in seconds, right? The half life of Test E is about one week, so you will have levels well above your TRT baseline (supraphysological levels for much of that time) until you reach your TRT baseline a few weeks later. This is not a “valley” because you are still WELL above the range that men feel shitty.

Men on infrequent TRT shots don’t feel shitty because their T levels are changing, they feel shitty because their levels are DROPPING BELOW THE BOTTOM RANGES FOR TT!!! It is not subject to peaks and valleys when you are coming off AAS, you are still far far above your established peak and will reach that in 2-3 weeks after coming off.

Why is that so hard for you to comprehend?

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And again I will pose to you the quesiton: if you already know the answer, why the fuck did you post in here looking for advice?

Are you sure you controlled your E2 while on cycle?

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