How Long for SHBG to Come Back Up w/Lowered Dose?

Been on high test for a long while now and i don’t really feel the effect from the testosterone anymore.

I know of strongmen that run 750mg/week for years and they seem to be fine.

Could my shbg be hammered? I haven’t been able to afford a shbg lab yet its 150$ to check it.

If so, how long does it take for shbg to climb if you lower your dose?


What country are you in that an shbg test cost 150 dollars? If your in the USA it is much cheaper. I just pulled a nice little panel including TT ft sensitive e2 lipid and CBC for 103 dollars.

I’m from europe. I have to do private labs and the only shbg test available comes in a package.

But what do you guys thinks? Could this be due to shbg? How come some can tolerate high doses for years while some need to be at 100-200mg a week?

Do you have any labs at all?

Yeah. Everything is fine except hematocrit at 51.

Thyroid was perhaps abit on the low side. 1.5 tsh. Free t4 was at 10 on a 8-16 reference.

Apart from that, nothing is wrong. The only thing i haven’t checked is prolactin and shbg

As always, people just wanna fuk around and not answer or give any advice.

OK here’s some advice. Its called a cycle because you are suppost to cycle it. You know 2-3 months on 1 month off. You are not feeling it anymore because your body has adapted to all the extra T by not making any receptors for it. So you sticking it in your leg and the next day you are just pissing it out.

I’m just guessing but your shgb might return to your normal in 1-2 months of being off. Got a PCT planned?

What are you taking and what is your dosing schedule? How long have you been on? What is your E2?

Why do you think your SHBG has been lowered significantly? I doubt it. Your body is going to reach a homeostasis with whichever level of test you run for a significant time period. The gains will come at first and then level out. You can add different compounds or cruise at a safe TRT level.

Its an oddity that you can run that much test and can’t afford $150 for a lab? I know test is cheap but come on… its $150. Skip some other vices and save if you have to. Its your health.